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How much is a square meter led display?

by:XY Screens     2021-10-04
Without knowing the product, the price is expensive. We want the price/performance ratio. First of all, we must know how to choose the led display, indoor or outdoor. After confirming indoor or outdoor, choose to use the P-unit display. This is the best choice, that is, the best viewing distance from the display is a few meters, such as 5 meters, then you can choose P4 or P5. If the budget is not very high You can also choose P6 if you have enough. After the model of the LED display is determined, it is the configuration aspect. Generally, a display is installed. The quotation includes: LED screen accessories [power supply, flat cable, 5V power cord, 220V cable, module, control card . If it is an outdoor screen, it may also include a simple LED display box and a waterproof box. The rental screen also has a die-cast aluminum cabinet], and then there are the external accessories of the led display: sending card [if you need to connect to other signal sources such as a video camera for wedding live broadcast, connect to an ipad, mobile phone, and so on. This requires a video processor] Then there is the freight; it depends on the size of the display and the destination of the customer. Generally, the freight is paid on collection, or you can tell the sales staff in advance that the sales will calculate the freight in the display. Next is the installation: if it is a strip screen installation, it is very simple, only need to fix the led display on the door head, or specify the location to ensure that it will not fall off. The indoor led display only needs to make a frame, and put the modules on the frame one by one. Outdoor led display screen will be a little troublesome, first determine whether it is wall-mounted or column. The installation price of the two types is different, and the material of the frame structure is also different. Therefore, the quotation of a general led display u003d price per square x display area + control system + shipping + installation fee + tax and other accessories required by customers. Let's talk about the price problem below. The price difference of the same display screen may be more than 2,000 yuan. For example, the outdoor P10 full-color led display, the general price of one square meter should be around 2000-3000. Note that it is a regular general product. Of course, if the customer specifies the configuration, the price will be different, such as direct plug or SMT patch, die-cast aluminum or ordinary waterproof box, what lamp bead to use, what chip, etc. . The last is after-sales service. Customers are generally advised to buy more spare boards and spare power supplies. Then during the installation, some installation knowledge will be trained. When there is a problem with the display, the display can be maintained at the first time to ensure the normal operation of the full-color LED display. Then the replaced parts can be mailed to our company for repair.
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