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How much is the price of an LED display? _LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-06
According to customer consultation statistics, how much is the LED display screen is the most frequently asked question by users. However, this question really cannot give a definite answer when there is no data provided, because there are too many factors affecting the price of LED display screens. Now, the cheap one is one to two thousand one square meter, and the expensive one is five to six thousand one square meter. The price of the LED display screen needs to be provided by the sales staff according to the installation method, model and related configuration of the LED display screen and the price. The price of LED display needs to determine several requirements to give a reliable price 1. The model of LED display has a fundamental determinant of the price of LED display. Base color, full color. The price of each large LED screen is different. The difference in the dot pitch of the LED display screen is also very big. The dot pitch here is generally the model of the LED display. For example, if the dot pitch of the LED display is 3, then the model of the display is P3. 2. The configuration of the LED display screen (that is, the raw materials required for the display screen) has a great impact on the price of the LED display screen. my country's LED display screens are still relatively dependent on foreign technology for raw materials and core technology. Among them, the quality of LED chips is also quite different, and the quality of LED display lamp beads is also a very important reason for price constraints. The prices of chips in the United States and Japan are much higher, while those in Taiwan and China are relatively cheaper. If the LED display is used in a very important place, it is better to choose imported chips when the customer’s budget is sufficient; even if the price is a little higher, the driver IC is a very important factor affecting the quality and life of the LED display. In addition, The quality of other aspects such as the price of power supply, cabinet, and other accessories made of led display. 3. The impact of enterprise production costs on the price of led display screens     The production cost of each enterprise is different. Each piece of led display screen includes the cost of production, employee salaries, logistics costs, etc. in addition to the cost of raw materials. So when choosing a led display, don’t choose blindly because of the low price of the led display. It should be based on your own situation, not necessarily high-priced, low-priced is not good. If you just blindly pursue low prices, it will be maintenance. Very troublesome, you must choose the right product according to your own needs, in order to make better use of the led display screen to create more benefits.
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