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How should i choose anti-light screen material?

How should i choose anti-light screen material?


There are several types of anti-light screens on the market, but you must not know the difference between them.You must be confused.Which screen material should I choose?

Today I will talk about several kinds of anti-light screen materials that can be used with ultra short throw projector.There are PET Crystal,PET Grid and GF1.

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PET Crystal: It is the best alr screen for ust projector.With special sawtooth structure, it can avoid 93% ambient light,presenting real color. Unlike traditional projection screen, it provides a huge, absolutely stunning and very "TV-like" image with your laser UST projector, even in a well-lit room. Customized size available perfectly fit your place. With 0.8 Gain and viewing angle is 160 degree, the audience can watch clearly in all directions.

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PET Grid: The microstructure of the PET Grid is diamond-shaped instead of zigzag. Its light resistance is not as good as PET Crystal, but it is better than GF1.Compare with PET Crystal,it is cost-effective.Besides,it can make 80inch-200 inch.Because of the width limited,PET Crystal only up to 120 inch.If you want alr screen for ust projector but your budget is not enough or you want bigger size (>120 inch),PET Grid is a good choice.

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GF1: The GF1 be regarded as a stained version of the ordinary white screen. Through the gray screen surface, the contrast and black level performance are slightly improved, which is slightly better than the white screen.Its advantage is available for electric screen.GF1 is entry-level alr screen.and the price is relatively cheap.If your room doesn’t have too much light.Choose GF1 is enough.In addition,PET Crystal and PET Grid both can not make electric projector screen .Because the physical structure of the ultra-short throw anti-light screen cannot be made into an electric screen. It cannot be rolled into a tube and hidden when it is not used like an ordinary screen, which is easy to damage the delicate fine structure of the fabric surface.If you have ust projector as well as want alr electric screen.GF1 is the best choice.What’s more,it also can be suitable for normal throw projector.

Attach a video about the comparison:

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I make a summary:

Light resistance(from strong to weak):PET Crystal →PET Grid →GF1

Price(form low to high) : GF1 →PET Grid→PET Crystal

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