How to achieve the interactive LED transparent screen effect of the glass plank road What are the pr

How to achieve the interactive LED transparent screen effect of the glass plank road? What are the problems to be solved

by:XY Screens     2021-08-26
In recent years, the glass plank road transparent LED interactive screen has risen, and major scenic spots are vying to follow suit. So how to use the glass plank road LED transparent screen, let’s understand it together: Since the glass plank road is an outdoor application on the mountain or the edge of a cliff, it is used The LED transparent screen will be more compatible, will not affect the occlusion of the glass plank road, and tourists rarely travel in bad weather, so the brightness of the LED transparent screen should be enough, and it is required to reach 4500 or more. Otherwise, as soon as the sun comes out, the display effect is unreal, and there is a tempered glass on the screen. Usually the most common glass plank road is the special effect of broken glass. This effect is very simple to achieve. The broken glass under the tempered glass is not only a piece of glass, but also a transparent LED display. The technology needs to use the developed induction radar and special software. When a person walks into the sensing area, the radar sends out instructions, and special effects are triggered, playing the picture of broken glass and even audio. And this special effect must give people a sense of suddenness, that is to say, what you see in the distance is a picture that is close to the bottom of the glass plank road, and you can't see the difference from the other glass plank roads on the side, only people's feet step into it. In this area, the special effects of broken glass came out, giving people a sense of surprise. In summary, the special effect glass plank road LED interactive screen is a new technology that perfectly combines LED transparent screen and radar, adding more fun to life. Five problems that need to be solved for transparent LED displays: (1) The dilemma of transparency and dot pitch Judging from the current products on the market, the transparency of the transparent screen has reached as high as 85%, dot pitch The smallest is 3mm. For a transparent screen, does its transmittance and dot pitch have reached the limit? In fact, it is not, because the PCB board, driver IC, and lamp beads themselves are opaque. If the dot pitch is changed Smaller, it will inevitably come at the cost of losing a part of the transparency, and the high permeability is exactly the advantage of the transparent screen; the price of increasing the permeability is the expansion of the dot pitch, which affects the clarity and the picture. display effect. Therefore, this is a dilemma. (2)
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