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how-to: build a video projector

by:XY Screens     2019-11-23
Mix the dream of a big screen home theater with a meager budget and you have a wonderful dream --it-
Your own project.
Just think about it, all your friends will watch a blockbuster on a video projector you make with your own hands.
It is these incentives that put me in front of my web browser to dig information for this project.
There are a lot of tacky websites that promise the moon, sell you plastic magnifying glass and instruct you to put the TV in the box and put this lens in front.
You will get an image, but it looks like you did it yourself. -
Black and fuzzy.
Is there any way to make this work?
The answer is yes.
The video projector is essentially a high resolution LCD video screen with a very bright light on the screen and the projector lens zoomed in.
The new portablemodels uses very small, expensive LCD and sophisticated light sources and high-quality lenses.
If you are willing to end up with a less small projector, you can look for the parts you need from the LCD computer monitor and add some electronic components and relatively cheap lenses. For $200-
For $500, you should be able to create a bright projector with high resolution to impress your friends.
The parts you need are: high resolution LCD computer monitor projector lens (
Depending on the plan you are using, there may be 2 fresnel lenses)Cooling fan(s)-
When you push the bright lights into the box, they get hot (
One way to project is to use the old projector)
There are dozens of power supplies with step-by-
Step plan for free or for sale.
Some sell the parts you need.
I think the two best companies are LumenLab and DIY projector.
They sell both parts and parts kits.
LumenLab sells a very beautifully crafted pdfinconstruction guide with detailed plans.
DIY offers free plans, but hopefully you can purchase one of their kits to actually make the projector.
They all use LCD in boxes with lights.
InventGeek has a great article that explains the whole process in detail, including the theory behind the projector.
I suggest you check it out.
The DenGuru website shows another way for the project.
They used an old projector on both the light source and the lens.
You peel the LCD panel out of the frame and put it on the projector like atransparence.
Ugly but effective!
Take a look at their tutorial.
Get your kit out and get busy
Let\'s protect the people there!
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