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How to build the brand positioning of LED transparent screen enterprises_led transparent screen manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-16
In the past few years, many LED transparent screen manufacturers have been expanding their production capacity to speed up the occupation of the market, but often backfired, the market growth rate is extremely slow, resulting in a serious accumulation of product backlogs in many enterprises. In addition, the high degree of homogeneity of products has caused the industry to reduce prices in order to compete for market share and reduce inventory. There are many companies in order to maintain a market share, even if the profit margin is greatly reduced, they have to exhaust their brains to get in. This will not only greatly reduce the profit margin of the company, but more importantly, increase the operating pressure. With the continuous development of the LED display industry, industry competition has intensified, and various problems in the industry have become more prominent. LED transparent screen manufacturers will also face greater pressure and challenges. If LED transparent screen manufacturers want to achieve greater development, they need to balance the relationship between price, product quality, after-sales service, and business cooperation. As the saying goes, 'Fish and bear's paw cannot have bothApple’s beautiful report card shows everyone the win-win situation of planning and profitability, and invented the sales myth of the mobile phone industry. So, how can LED transparent screen companies achieve a win-win situation between planning and profit? Now, more and more LED transparent screen manufacturers have realized that the path of low-end and large-scale production will definitely become narrower and narrower. As long as the transformation is high-end, the exploration must maximize the profit under the planning and development to achieve sustained development. Power. For example, under the trend of intelligentization, many LED display companies took this spring breeze to accelerate the pace of transformation, invested in the trend of smart LED display products, and achieved some results continuously, and they also began to experience the market dividends brought by high-end transformation. The corporate brand must be well positioned, so the products must naturally have corresponding positioning. In the LED display screen market, the short distance LED display screen market has also ushered in many problems such as homogeneity, and the LED transparent screen market has become popular. In less than two years, the trend of the Red Sea price war has begun, the innovation of LED display screen industrial hardware has entered a bottleneck period, and the update of software skills has also slowed down. The way to subdivide shopping malls has also been narrowed by some display screen companies that are keen to imitate other people's products. Where is the future? The key lies in differentiated and personalized products to create LED transparent screen companies with high-end product value. The process of transformation is bound to be accompanied by pains and difficulties. my country's LED display industry has just embarked on the road of transformation and promotion. The future includes product innovation, technology development, industrial chain upgrades, production automation reforms, etc. The resistance and challenges to be faced are certainly not small, but it is necessary to believe that it is right to take the path of transformation to the high end, and it is necessary to persevere. In fact, planning and profitability are not contradictory, especially when consumer upgrades and terminal shopping malls are paying more and more attention to product quality at that time, most customers are more willing to spend a high price to buy good products that they satisfy than cheap and low-quality products. Under this trend, LED display screen production is gradually transitioning to high-end production and shopping malls. In the future, only need to find the right way, LED transparent screen companies can also achieve both big plans and high profits.
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