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[How to buy a projection screen for home users] Home projection screen purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-08
In order to pursue higher and better visual effects, many people have begun to use projectors as the first choice for home theater equipment, but most users often only care about the quality and performance of the projector and ignore the projection when building a home theater with a projector. The importance of the screen, everyone knows that the best projector without a good projection screen to set off, will not have a good image. The quality of the projection screen has a great impact on the projection effect and impact. However, the numerous brands and models of projection screens on the market always overwhelm projection users who rarely deal with projection screens! In order to help home users find a suitable projection screen, here are some projection screen consumption experiences.
Select the installation method according to your needs
  Because there are many ways to install the projector, there are also several different ways to install the projection screen that is paired with the projector. Therefore, before choosing the installation method of the projection screen, you must first figure out the installation method of the projector. Then according to actual needs, choose the right screen installation method.
If there is a room dedicated to multimedia presentations, the installation method of the screen can be a fixed type; if you want your projection screen to be used in other presentations, then the installation method of the screen can be a portable type Yes, for example, you can choose the wall-mounted installation method, or the three-legged bracket installation method.
The viewing angle width should not be too large
The viewing angle width of the projection screen directly affects the brightness of the screen viewed from various angles. If the viewing angle width of the screen is small, then you can only clearly see the projection at the position facing the projection screen The content being demonstrated in the screen, and once you look at the projection screen from a position that deviates from the center, you will feel that the content on the projection screen is not very clear, or even invisible at all; on the contrary, if the viewing angle of the projection screen is very wide, you will not only You can clearly appreciate the contents of the projection screen in the center position, and you can also clearly see the contents of the screen when you deviate from the center position.
When setting up a home theater, the number of people watching the screen projection is usually less than 10, and the space of the home theater is not very large, so the projection screen with a wide viewing angle is useless at all, so it is recommended that the family chooses personally When using a projection screen, the viewing angle width should not be too large or too wide, otherwise it will only waste resources.
Protect the eyes, the gain is modest
The higher the gain of the projection screen, the stronger the light projected by the projector on the screen, and the brighter the projection screen will feel. In this way, the projected picture will be seen clearly on the screen. If the gain of the projection screen is lower, the projection screen will look dim, and the projection picture will be blurred on the screen. If the high gain of the projection screen is one-sidedly pursued, it will not only cost a lot, but will also harm people’s eyes due to high brightness over time.
Considering that individual users are relatively close to the projection screen when enjoying the effect of home theater, and the time to watch the projection screen is relatively long, so the gain of the home projection screen must be adequate, but not too low. Of course, if the light in the room where your home theater is located is relatively dim, you can choose a higher screen gain to increase the projection brightness of the screen and ensure that you can get a good home theater effect.
Observe the environment and determine the type of material
Different types of curtains have different effects. Metal projection screens are more resistant to dirt, mildew, and fire, and have strong light reflection capabilities; glass projection screens also have mildew resistance and fire resistance, and have a good viewing angle width And a good reverse gain function; embossed plastic projection screens are often very cheap in terms of price, but the screen's ability to reflect the projection light is not very strong, and the projection gain is not very high. Therefore, according to the above, the home user selection screen can have the following best selection methods according to the environment:

·If the family room is easy to be stained with dust-you can choose a glass type projection screen or a metal type projection screen, which is not easy to be contaminated by dust and can be easily cleaned;
·The location where the air is relatively humid-you can choose a glass or metal projection screen with anti-mildew function.
·If the home theater room is well-lit and the room area is not very large-embossed plastic projection screen can be used. After all, this type of projection screen can relax you a lot in terms of price.
·When the light in the home theater room is not very sufficient, and you are not very rich-it is best to choose a glass type projection screen, this type of screen not only has strong light reflection ability, but also at the price Aspects can also be accepted by ordinary users.
In addition, if you want to use the projection screen for home theater, but also for other presentation occasions, then at least you need to choose a glass type projection screen, under the conditions of economic permit, it is best to use a metal type projection screen .
Screen size and space matching
The size of the projection screen is closely related to the space area of u200bu200bthe projection environment, so when choosing the size of the projection screen, it is best to determine the space area of u200bu200bthe projection environment, and then select the corresponding screen size specifications according to the range . Do not blindly pursue the big screen.
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