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How to calculate the power and power consumption of a full-color LED display? _Full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-24
There are two types of full-color LED display power: peak and average. The so-called peak power mainly refers to the instantaneous voltage and current value at startup and the power when the screen is all white (displayed in white), while the average power is the power under normal use. . What is the power and power consumption of a full-color LED display? What is the general power of a full-color LED display? How to calculate the distribution power? According to different product models and manufacturers, the current peak power per square meter ranges from 800W to 1500W. The full-color LED display supports centralized control and management of remote wireless and wired modes. One monitoring center can realize the control of multiple LED advertising screens; supports smoke, heat, and humidity monitoring; the full-color LED display power calculation method: P represents power , U stands for voltage and I stands for current. Usually, the power supply voltage we use is 5V, and the power supply is 30A and 40A; a unit needs 20 square meters of outdoor P8 full-color display to calculate the maximum power required. First calculate the number of 40A power supplies u003d the number of squares (LED module length × LED module width)/6 u003d the number of power supplies (integer, based on the larger standard), it is very simple, the maximum power P u003d the number of power supplies × 40A ×5Vu003dhow many watts. Three parameters of full-color LED display power: 1. The actual power of the screen u003d the resolution of the screen * the number of lights per resolution * 0.1 / the number of scans (4 scans, 2 scans, 16 scans, 8 scans, static) . 2. The average power of the screen u003d the resolution of the screen * the number of lights per resolution * 0.1/2. 3. The maximum power of the screen u003d the resolution of the screen * the number of lights per resolution * 0.1. How much power does a full-color LED display consume? One square meter of a full-color LED display is 15625 pixels per square meter. The pixel point means the number of LED beads. The peak power is 1500 watts/square meter, so everyone is routing and matching The line must be determined in strict accordance with this standard. After the screen works normally, the power will drop to 600 watts-800 watts per square meter. Below we will calculate the 18 square meters P8 full-color LED display and 32 square meters for everyone. Calculation of the power consumption of the P8led display: The full-color LED display of 18 square meters works normally for one hour, which is 10.8kw/h-14.4kw/h, which is 10.8-14.4 kilowatt-hours, and one hour for 32 square meters is 19.2 kw/h-25.6kw/h, 19.2-25.6 kilowatt-hours per hour, this is only an approximation, the power consumption is also related to your playing screen, the calculation for the screen is calculated according to the power after normal work. The advantages of full-color LED display products: 1. The company provides customers with related maintenance spare parts, all spare parts are modular design, which is convenient for after-sales maintenance; 2. According to customer requirements and on-site environment, tailor the most suitable full-color LED Electronic display solution; 3. The LED display video control system is equipped with a double backup system, once a failure occurs, the customer can immediately switch to the backup system; 4. High-precision size, the geometric shape and size design deviation between the cabinets is only 0.02mm, therefore, the unit box size is almost the same, after assembly, the gap is uniform, the whole screen is very flat, the effect is good, and the quality is good. 5. The full controllability of the full-color LED display from material to finished product, Ru0026D to production, has become a guarantee of product quality and reliability; 6. Diverse shapes: rectangles, squares, arcs, circles and other custom-designed shapes can be made 7. Due to the particularity of the full-color LED display, it requires that the working current of the LED lamp be changed by adjusting the supply voltage under certain circumstances, thereby changing the brightness of the full-color LED display, so that in the energy-saving program design, 4.2- 5V power supply, low power consumption, 20% energy saving 8. Full-color LED display nonlinear correction technology, fine and clear image effects; vivid and diverse animation effects; smooth and realistic video effects, no bright spots, no screens, no dead spots, High brightness, low light decay, long life and good quality. 9. The full-color LED display system works stably and reliably, has strong anti-interference ability, can work continuously for more than 72 hours, the control system software interface is humanized design, and the operation is simple. 10. Installation of steel frame: The P8 full-color LED display is a lightweight steel frame, and chemical rivet bolts are used as the supporting structure in the corresponding beams and columns, and the steel frame of the display is connected with the rivet fixed steel plate. 11. High-end configuration of full-color LED display, stable performance, good flatness, seamless splicing. Huaze Optoelectronics is a professional full-color LED display manufacturer in Shenzhen, making LED displays with heart, and serving every customer with heart.
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