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How to ceiling mount the projector

by:XY Screens     2021-09-16
It mainly depends on what projector hanger is used. There are fixed, electric, melon type, frame test, etc., but the installation is similar. Take the melon type projector hanger commonly used in the market as an example: 1. According to the model of the projector and the size of the projection screen, determine the distance and position of the projection hanger to be installed, and determine the length of the hanger, which are included in the manual of this projector. 2. If the roof of the installation is made of cement, use explosive screws to fix the upper half hanger. 3. Pass the installed wires (VGA cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, power cable, control cable, network cable, etc.) through the middle of the hanger tube, and connect the upper and lower half of the projection hanger. 4. Use the melon part of the projection hanger to fix the projector. Loosen all the screws of the melon joints and shape them according to the position of the projector's screw holes, then fix the melons on the bolt holes (some only have three holes and only fix three melons), and then align each joint The screw is tight. 5. Hang the fixed part of the projector on the projector hanger, connect it to the upper line, and arrange the lower line. 6. Debug and set the projector's signal, language, front hoisting, trapezoid, mode, size, clarity, etc. 1. Installation distance Installation height refers to the position of a projector before installing the projector, and then the distance between it and the projection screen. Of course, the height of the hanger should also be aligned with the projection screen. To the middle position, this distance determines the size of the screen. Generally speaking, a distance of more than 3 meters can get a screen of about 90 inches, and a distance of 3.5 meters or more can get a screen of about 100 inches. The screen ratio is 16: 9. 2. Projection distance Projection distance refers to the distance between the projector lens and the projection screen. This number is closely related to the size of the projection screen. The larger the projection distance, the larger the screen size we can obtain. On the contrary The smaller the projection distance, the smaller the available projection screen. Summary: In fact, the installation method of the projector seems complicated. In fact, as long as there is a good method, it is not too difficult to do. As long as you follow the steps, I believe that many people can do it. In the process of installing the projector Of course, the most important thing is to determine the height and distance. After the distance and height are accurately determined, it will be more comfortable to watch in the future.
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