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How to choose a projection screen and what are the influencing factors?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-15
How to choose a projection screen? What factors need to be paid attention to? 1. Purpose and environment When choosing a projector screen, first confirm the purpose of the product. Is it for teaching or for playing movies or other commercial applications? Is it for indoor or outdoor use? Does the installation environment of the projection screen and the surrounding light have much influence? These all determine the difference in the choice of the projector screen type. It is recommended to consult the screen sales staff for free, and the sales staff will recommend the most suitable projection screen type for you according to your specific situation and budget. 2. The projector must first determine the projector machine before choosing the projection screen. This is a must. No matter how good the projection screen is, there must be a good projector's imaging display. If you don't want to be too troublesome, you can directly give it to the projection screen manufacturer. Adapt to the corresponding high-quality projector. 3. Determine the material of the projection screen. The material of the projection screen mainly includes metal screen, glass fiber, white screen (gray screen), nano screen, etc. These screen materials have their relative advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is to determine according to the imaging requirements and uses. choose. 4. The size of the scope of the place The scope of the place generally determines the size of the projection screen. The size of the projection screen is determined according to the length, height of the place and the projection distance of the projector. 5. Quality and service Generally speaking, projection screens are a one-time investment. Choosing a good projection screen can last for more than 10 years, so it is very necessary to choose a good brand and a manufacturer with complete after-sales guarantee. The projection screen specializes in the production of various projection screens, which can be tailored to the type and size of projection screens in different places. It is the first in the global projection industry to pass ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, EU CE certification, ROHS certification, FCC certification, ETL, national high-tech enterprise And so on certification. Snowhite makes the vision different!
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