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How to choose LED advertising display, advertisers must see

by:XY Screens     2021-10-07
Generally speaking, LED display screens have the advantages of clear fonts, low price, and group control. Commercial LED display screens mainly display information such as advertisements and promotions. They mainly display text information and require low prices. Therefore, P10 outdoor and semi-outdoor can be selected. LED display; if you require good display effect, you can choose indoor P5, P6, P7.62, P8 full-color display and outdoor P10, P12 full-color display.  In addition to the price and model of the led screen, it also further filters from the following aspects: 1. Brightness  It is recommended to use an indoor display screen in the general indoor illumination environment.   Outdoor display should be used.  In the open hall, eaves, outdoor canopy or under the sun roof and other strong light environment, it is recommended to use semi-outdoor led display. 2. Display content    If it is required to display pictures and videos, then a full-color display should be selected. If you play text, data, tables, three-dimensional graphics, and animation, you should choose a dual-base color grayscale display;    if you play text, data, tables, and two-dimensional graphics, you can choose a two-primary color display;    if you play text, data , Form, then you can choose monochrome led display screen. 3. Information capacity and viewing distance    When choosing a display screen, a better viewing distance must also be considered. For closer viewing, you should choose a higher-density led display; for longer-distance viewing, you can choose a lower-density led display. Of course, when choosing a display, you must also consider the information capacity and a better viewing distance. The information content displayed on the display screen is unlimited, but the content that appears on one screen is limited, and the display screen of each model has the best viewing distance.
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