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[How to choose the most suitable projection screen]

by:XY Screens     2021-11-08
Whether you are buying a home theater or arranging a multimedia classroom, you may need to use a suitable projector screen to better restore the image projected by the projector. There are many brands, different materials, and different sizes of projectors on the market. Screen, we can have many choices. However, in the face of this dazzling array of products, which one is suitable for one's needs?

1. The type you choose should be the one that best suits your specific needs. For example, if you need a front projection screen, you can choose a wall-mounted type or a ceiling-mounted type, and there are manual and electric specifications; if you need a rear projection screen, you can choose a hard screen or a soft screen. In general, if you need a fixed location projection site, then a wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or tripod-type screen is your best choice. If you need to move the screen to a different position, a portable screen is your best choice.
2. Choosing the best screen size mainly depends on the area of u200bu200bthe space used so as to plan the number of audience seats and the arrangement of positions. The first rule is to choose the screen that suits the audience-not the screen that fits the projector, which means that the audience's visual experience should be put first. The selection of screen size generally follows the following principles:

The height of the screen is approximately equal to 1/6 of the distance from the screen to the last row of seats in the auditorium, so that the audience in each row can clearly see the content of the projection screen.
The distance between the screen and the first row of seats should be greater than 2 times the height of the screen.
The bottom of the screen should be at least about 122 cm away from the audience seat (this rule applies to both the front and back curtains)
3. The choice of screen fabric: Because the light output of the projector is lower than that of the slide projector (or high shadow projector), the reflectance (gain) parameter should be selected for the fabric of the projector.
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