How to choose the processor, projector and projection screen in the fusion system 】Edge fusion shopp

[How to choose the processor, projector and projection screen in the fusion system? 】Edge fusion shopping common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-05
Edge fusion is actually to overlap the edges of the images projected by a group of projectors, and display a brighter, super-large, high-resolution whole image without gaps through fusion technology. The purpose of edge fusion seamless splicing is to increase the size of the projection screen to several times the maximum size of a single-screen projection; the other is to display more and finer content on this size, and achieve these two purposes On the basis, the seams (black seams or overlapping bright lines) produced by splicing are eliminated.
This kind of fusion system that achieves a larger picture through edge fusion has been widely used, ranging from the establishment of command and monitoring centers and network management centers to video conferences, academic reports, technical lectures and multi-functional conference rooms. And other places. In a complete set of edge fusion system, besides the edge fusion processor, the most important equipment is the projector and projection screen. Therefore, today projection will briefly introduce the edge fusion processor and projection screen to netizens today. The choice of computer and projection screen, I hope it can be helpful to netizens.
The purchase of edge blending processors
First look at the purchase of edge blending processors (this article talks about soft edge blending and splicing processors). The soft-edge fusion splicing processor directly affects the quality of the picture, and there are many types of soft-edge fusion equipment in the domestic market. Some equipment is complicated to operate, and some equipment cannot be used independently. It needs to be used together with traditional splicing equipment, and some The function of the equipment is simple, the effect is poor, and the operation is complicated. Please choose carefully. In fact, as long as you pay attention to a few important functional parameters when purchasing, you will definitely be able to meet the needs of users.
With image edge derivation function: the soft-edge fusion device must derive the redundant image of the overlapping part, otherwise, the picture does not have the overlapping function, and the fusion debugging cannot be carried out. For the overlapping part of the image, it is generally recommended that the fusion is not less than 15% of the screen, or more than 200 pixels.
With gamma correction function: the color gamma correction function of the overlapping area, to ensure that the image color is consistent.
With edge blending function: allow the selected signal input to be transformed into a transparent superposition. The fusion rate can be defined by the user. Generally more than 15%. With chroma feathering function, fade the color and brightness of the fusion part.
With chroma keying function: you can adjust the color temperature and chroma of the overlapping part to ensure high color consistency across the screen.
It has the function of sequence control: the edge of the overlapped part can be adjusted in stages, and it has the function of sequence control.
With window function: the position and size of the window can be defined in pixel precision, thereby displaying the input of the window. The horizontal and vertical dimensions can be adjusted individually.
Intuitive software operation interface: The soft edge fusion splicing processor has a very convenient software operation interface, which is convenient for users to operate and maintain.
Input and output and intuitive effect control functions: For the window control and signal source control of the screen, intuitive control functions must be achieved to improve operating efficiency.
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