How to choose the right LED display screen reasonably for different occasions _P10 full color LED di

How to choose the right LED display screen reasonably for different occasions? _P10 full color LED display | P5 single and double color display

by:XY Screens     2021-09-28
Nowadays, regardless of the size of the city, the use rate of LED displays on the streets or in the office of the company is very high, but does everyone know what kind of led display to choose on what occasion?   For different places such as outdoor plazas and indoor shopping malls, the LED displays used have different characteristics. Users should choose the most suitable LED display based on actual application requirements when purchasing.   Generally speaking, for occasions with a large hall area, dual-color P5 LED displays are used, and P10 full-color LED displays are required for display effects. For the function definition of the service windows in the business halls of banks, postal services, and electric power, the previous method of using stickers was very inflexible. Now using P5 single and double color display, the service function of the window can be changed at any time. P5 monochrome LED display screens are used to guide the flow of people at the entrances and exits of stations, docks, large markets, and elevator entrances. It has the advantages of clear font, low price and control of the cluster. For banks, shopping malls and other occasions to display corporate images, advertisements and other applications, low prices are required, and P3.75 dual-color display screens are used. It is required to display picture and video effects, and use P5 full-color led display.  From the perspective of applications, products that meet user needs have a reason to exist. The dual-color display screens do not require high text, color requirements, and do not have blue, and occupy a large market with their low price, maturity and stability. The size and viewing distance of the outdoor full-color LED display play a decisive role in the price. The farther the distance, the larger the selected model, the larger the pixel, and the higher the brightness. Outdoor LED display screens have higher requirements for quality due to the harsh use environment, and there are many factors to be considered. Because of its high brightness, full color, and all-weather work, it has its irreplaceable advantages, but the price is relatively high compared to single and double color LED displays. In what kind of environment is the best way to choose a suitable LED display product for energy saving and cost saving!
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