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How to configure projection screen with DLP projection fusion

by:XY Screens     2022-02-12
I believe that most people do not understand the DLP terminology, therefore, it is necessary to further explain it. DLP is the abbreviation of 'Digital Light ProcessingThe principle is to pass the cold light source emitted by the UHP bulb through the condensing lens, homogenize the light through the Rod light rod, and pass the processed light through a color wheel to divide the light into RGB three colors, or more colors such as RGBW, The color is projected on the DMD chip by the lens, and finally reflected on the projection screen through the projection lens. DLP imaging has four major advantages: high reliability, mobility, coexistence with light, and vivid and natural images.
Edge projection fusion is to overlap the edges of the pictures projected by a group of projectors, and display a brighter, larger, high-resolution whole picture without gaps through edge fusion technology. The effect of the picture is like A picture projected by a projector. In the entire DLP large-screen edge fusion system, the screen is only a part of the equipment, but it can fully express the perfect performance of the system. Therefore, the projection screen should be fully considered during system construction. In fact, the projection screen of the edge fusion project usually adopts a metal screen that is easy to fix, and the gain of the projection screen should be as small as possible, generally less than 1.2. The reason why the metal hard screen is recommended is because the fusion zone part is the superposition of the images of the two projectors. The slight displacement of the two projectors will result in the overlapping of images and the unnatural and incoherent color transition in the superimposed part. Likewise, if the projection screen is slightly displaced, ghosting and screen tearing can occur. The metal curtain has the characteristics of being easy to fix, and at the same time, the appearance is high-end and atmospheric. It is worth mentioning that the smaller the gain of the projection screen, the larger the viewing angle; the greater the gain of the projection screen, the smaller the viewing angle. If viewed from the front, there is no difference in the fusion effect of a projection screen with a large gain and a projection screen with a small gain. However, if viewed from a larger angle, the fusion zone of the projection screen with large gain will be more prominent, and the integrity of the picture will not be strong enough, and the fusion and unity will be lost. In view of this, in the edge projection fusion project, it is generally recommended to use a projection screen with a screen gain of 1.2 or less, so that the picture will always be the same when viewed from different angles, and the picture effect will be more flawless.
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