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How to create a perfect audio-visual effect in a meeting room

by:XY Screens     2021-09-16
The layout of the meeting room is also very important. With good equipment, it can't produce its perfect effect without a good environment. It is best to install a lighting controller on the conference site console to control the lighting according to the needs of the conference site. Because sometimes it needs to be darker, sometimes it needs to be brighter, why? The dim point is needed because indoor lighting will also directly affect the display quality of the projection screen. If the ambient illuminance in the conference room is high, the contrast of the projection screen will be low, the screen will be blurred, and the projection quality will be affected. Obviously, the lighting of the conference room environment and the brightness of the display media need to be carefully weighed and comprehensively considered to achieve a better visual effect. The need for bright spots is because if the participants in the meeting are in a low-light environment for a long time, it will cause the fatigue of the visual system, and can not cause the excitement of the participants' brains, so that the participants can easily doze off. Moreover, the time required for projection in most meetings is not very long, so in addition to the requirements of the necessary dark light such as the need for projection, the venue must ensure sufficient light. And need enough breadth, so many lights are of course indispensable. In addition, pay attention to ventilation, temperature and humidity. With so many people in a meeting, poor ventilation will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, and will also cause high ambient temperature and humidity, causing some people to have headaches, fatigue and other uncomfortable reactions. It is ideal to keep the temperature at 20~25℃, and the relative humidity is between 30~60%. There are many methods for noise control and acoustic treatment. For acoustic treatment, frequency characteristic control, echo control and noise control should be considered. The frequency and echo control can be controlled by the mixer in the control room with an additional high-quality power amplifier to control the high, medium, and bass, and the speakers can be placed around the venue to make participants feel like they are on the scene. Noise control mainly refers to the control of sound insulation and sound absorption effect. Sound insulation mainly refers to the use of double-layer windows to isolate external noise. The main components of some electrical equipment are installed in the control room to avoid inductive electrical equipment noise; sound absorption means that indoor carpets and ceilings should be laid. , The walls around the conference room should not be too smooth. It is better to be equipped with soundproof materials and packaged with soft cloth to ensure that the indoor noise is less than 40 decibels. The microphone and the speakers should be kept at a proper distance and direction to reduce the echo in the meeting room to form a good meeting environment.
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