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How to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the laser projector

by:XY Screens     2021-09-16
No matter how perfect the heat dissipation function of the laser projector is, it is difficult to ensure that the projector will cause high heat after long-term use. Because the projector itself generates a lot of heat, and many components are sensitive to temperature, therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the projector. , The high-temperature thermal protection function has become a design requirement that all projectors must consider. Inside the LCD projector, a fan group is mainly used to dissipate the core parts of the projector and the main heat sources such as the power supply. At the same time, in order to ensure the life of the projector, a temperature sensor installed inside the projector monitors the temperature change in the projector in real time. And feedback to the processing circuit. When the projector is working, under the action of the cooling fan, the inside is in a state of thermal equilibrium. This state is related to the outside temperature. When the outside temperature exceeds a certain temperature (mostly 35~36℃), the temperature of important internal parts will also exceed its rated value. Important heat dissipation parts have their own temperature sensors (such as near the LCD, above the bulb, on the radiator of the power supply). Once the temperature reaches the critical point of the area, the protection program inside the projector will start and automatically shut down the projector. This is the basic working principle of the projector's heat dissipation system and high temperature thermal protection function. This function maximizes the service life of the projector. With the expansion of the scope of use of laser projectors and the intensive use in individual fields, such as education, surveillance and other fields, the high-temperature thermal protection function in these fields is changing from the role of protecting the projector to the role of influencing the use of the projector. In addition, in order to enhance the effect of air circulation, the noise generated by the cooling fan used in the projector will also affect the user's use. It can be seen that heat dissipation and temperature protection are necessary functions of the projector, and there is a contradiction between this function and the user's use. A survey on the use of projectors was conducted in 100 schools across the country. The results of the survey showed that schools with over 50% of high-temperature heat protection have received sufficient attention. In schools with high projector usage, the school classroom environment is not ideal, 100~ Large classrooms with 200 people are mostly large, the indoor temperature is as high as 35 ℃, and the continuous working time of the projector is close to 8 hours a day. The frequency of the projector's high-temperature thermal protection phenomenon is significantly increased, and it directly affects normal teaching activities. In order to solve this problem, some schools consider adding air-conditioning equipment to lower the ambient temperature, but due to the large investment, it is only suitable for schools with sufficient funds. Currently, a common practice in schools is to add a more powerful exhaust fan behind the projector, but according to actual tests, this method does not significantly help reduce the frequency of high-temperature thermal protection. This is because projectors are mostly suspended in classrooms, and there are usually more people in classrooms. When the room temperature is 32°C, the indoor top temperature has reached 36°C (36°C is the starting temperature of the projector's thermal protection function). Since the ambient temperature has reached the critical temperature, installing an electric fan cannot reduce the temperature of the air entering the projector, and the fan is outside the machine, which cannot effectively increase the air flow rate in the projector. Therefore, installing an electric fan cannot reduce the frequency of high-temperature thermal protection. According to the current situation of domestic users, in cooperation with the Audiovisual Education Center of Tsinghua University, a solution was proposed for the problem of high-temperature thermal protection. For the projectors currently used by domestic users, external cooling products can be provided to achieve the purpose of delaying high-temperature thermal protection. This product slows down the temperature rise of the projector by reducing the temperature of the air entering the projector, thereby prolonging the continuous working time of the projector.
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