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[How to identify true and false Baixue projection screen] Projection screen purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-08
Recently, many fake Beixue projection screens have appeared in the domestic projection screen market. Not only are the quality of these projection screens unreliable, but also the after-sales service cannot be guaranteed, which seriously damages the interests of consumers and the reputation of Beixue projection screens.
In order to protect the interests of users of Beixue projection screens, consumers are reminded to pay attention to the following:

1. The 'Bai Xue' logo is printed on the plastic casings at both ends of the Baixue screen.
2. The shell of Baixue screen adopts hexagonal aluminum alloy outer tube.
3. There is a three-year warranty logo on the right end of the aluminum alloy shell of Beksul Screen, which contains the words 'Three-year Warranty' and the product identification code of Beksul Screen. You can check the authenticity and status of the screen with the manufacturer through the identification code.
4. The Baixue screen is divided into two major series: King Kong and Diamond. The King Kong series has the 'SNOWHIT' product logo on the left end of the aluminum alloy casing of the screen, and the Diamond series is the 'BAIXUE' logo.
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