How to make the full-color led display screen clearer _led display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronic

How to make the full-color led display screen clearer? _led display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
As the main carrier of advertising information broadcast, full-color LED display is more and more following the trend of the times. High-definition video can often give people a more shocking visual experience, and the content displayed makes people feel more real. To achieve high-definition display, there must be two factors, one is that the film source requires full high-definition, and the other is that the display must support it. The full-color LED display is actually breaking through to a higher definition display. So, how do we make the full-color LED display clearer? In recent years, through technological breakthroughs, China’s full-color LED displays have developed rapidly, with significant scale effects, and products have become more mature, especially the continuous breakthroughs in packaging and core 'spacing' technologies that have directly become today’s fine-pitch high-definition LED displays. The screen market is booming, and the market continues to develop towards standardization and refinement. However, the reality that should be recognized is that the current homogenization of full-color LED display products in China is very serious. Due to the homogeneity and low price of products in the market, it has led to the 'small profit' situation of full-color LED display products, and patent infringement prevails in the industry. And plagiarism, the lack of protection of related intellectual property rights in enterprises greatly hinders the innovation and development of the industry. 1. Increase the contrast of full-color LED display The contrast of full-color LED display is one of the reasons that affect the visual effect. Contrast It is the contrast of colors, the contrast between black and hundred. Only with contrast can there be dim and gorgeous. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer and more eye-catching the image, and the more vivid and colorful the color. High contrast is for the sharpness, detail performance and gray level of the image. The performance is very helpful. In some text and video display with large black and white contrast, high-contrast full-color LED display has advantages in black and white contrast, clarity, completeness, etc. Contrast has an important influence on the dynamic video display effect Larger, because the light-dark transition in the dynamic image is faster, the higher the contrast, the easier it is for human eyes to distinguish the conversion process. In fact, the contrast improvement of the full-color LED display is mainly to increase the brightness of the full-color LED display and Reduce the reflectance of the screen surface, but the brightness is not as high as possible, too high, but it will be counterproductive. Light pollution has become a hot topic now, and too high brightness will affect the environment and the crowd. Full-color LED display LED The panel and LED light-emitting tube are treated with a special process, which can reduce the reflectivity of the LED panel and increase the contrast of the full-color LED display. Second, increase the gray level of the full-color LED display. Gray level refers to the single-color LED display. The brightness level that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest of the primary color brightness. The higher the gray level of a full-color LED display, the richer the color and the brighter the color; on the contrary, the display color is single and the change is simple. Gray level The improvement of the color depth can greatly increase the color depth, making the display level of the image color increase geometrically. The LED gray control level is 14bit~16bit, making the image level resolution details and display effects of high-end display products reach the world's advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, LED gray scale will continue to develop to higher control accuracy.
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