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How to make the living room theater more like a movie theater

by:XY Screens     2022-02-13
If you don't have an independent audio-visual room, but you want to have the feeling of a private theater, how can you achieve it?

Dark color decoration style

   The use of dark wall paint can effectively reduce light reflection and reduce light pollution, making the image of the projector projected on the projection screen more beautiful.

Change to a more comfortable sofa

   Ordinary home sofas can hardly bring that kind of cinema-like feeling, so you can choose to upgrade your sofa and replace it with a cinema sofa to improve comfort and atmosphere. In addition, when watching a movie in a movie theater, you usually choose to be directly in front of the projection screen, so you should do the same in your own home. Adjust the position of the sofa so that it is directly in front of the projection screen. In addition, you can make a platform. The cinema screens in the cinema are all below our horizontal line of sight, so you need to increase the viewing position. To achieve this goal, you can raise the sofa. Raising the sofa can be achieved by building a 6-inch high platform under the sofa.

Light and shadow flow

   Everyone knows that the cinema is very dark, and some decorations such as light strips create a sense of beauty. We can also add some decorative lines, light strips, emotional wall lamps, etc. to the living room, such as pillars or other decorations in the cinema, which can be found in home improvement stores. Of course, if you pair it with an intelligent control or dimmer, the effect will be even better.

Add a thick blackout curtain

 Yes, installing a thick curtain will give you the feeling of a thick screen in a movie theater. Moreover, thick blackout curtains can block the ambient light for easy viewing during the day, and have a certain sound absorption effect, which can control the reverberation.

Will hidden speakers be more beautiful?

   In the theater, you can't see any audio-visual equipment, so the audio-visual equipment in the room must be hidden. The speakers need to be replaced with in-wall speakers to avoid exposure, and hide the exposed audio-visual equipment, such as amplifiers, players, etc., which is much more concise and beautiful.
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