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How to make the projection screen better?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
Now in home theater and decoration, most people will choose the combination of projector and projection screen, which is also the mainstream situation in the construction of home theater. However, the difference between a projector and an LCD TV is that it can arbitrarily project the picture onto a projection screen, a white wall, a desktop, or a water screen, the ground, a rockery, and other occasions. However, the two must be perfectly matched to enjoy a more perfect picture effect. However, for the average user, in most cases, the projector will be matched with the projection screen, but if the projection screen is dirty, deformed, or discolored, it will directly affect the quality of the image during use. Let me introduce to you how to clean the projection screen, experience a more perfect picture quality, and let the picture quality reach the next sentence of 'throwing a thousand miles away'. For oily stains, using a cotton ball dipped in a small amount of degreasing solvent is more difficult to deal with. If it is not handled properly, there will be a great risk. Only use a cotton ball dipped in a small amount of degreasing solvent, wipe it off quickly, and then dilute it with more pure water or a neutral detergent and blot it dry as soon as possible. But for some special stains, especially in some party occasions, there is no effective way to clean up the colored stains sprayed on. Therefore, before such a lively scene appears, it is best to close your projection screen so as not to hang up the color. Glass bead screens cannot be used to clean commonly used projection screens. According to the projection screen materials, they can be divided into: white plastic screens, glass bead screens, metal screens, and so on. Generally speaking, except that the glass bead curtain material has no cleaning characteristics, other curtain materials can basically choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the degree of contamination. The glass bead screen is widely used because of its high gain and moderate price. However, because the glass bead curtain material has a fine quartz coating on the surface, stains can easily penetrate into the gaps between the particles, and it is difficult to clean up. In addition, the quartz crystal on the outer surface is easy to be stained with stains, that is, secondary pollution occurs. Therefore, when using glass bead screen material, you should be extra careful and take care. It is best to keep small non-wetting stains in time when not in use. It is better to use an eraser when there are relatively small non-wetting stains. The method is to wipe it off gently with an eraser. However, if the quality of the eraser is not good enough or the eraser is colored, it may not be completely erased and leave a pool of marks. Therefore, when using it, pay special attention to choosing pure white high-grade erasers, which are easily available in stationery stores. As for the method of erasing, thinking back to the warm situation when revising the homework that year, you will know what to do. The area of u200bu200bliquid stains or stains is large, use detergent 1. Make sure that the pH value of the detergent is as neutral as possible. Because the base layer and coating of the projection screen are mostly resin or rubber materials, they are susceptible to corrosion and discoloration. 2. Do not use oily cleaners and cleaners with brighteners, such as Bi Lizhu. You can choose water-based, volatile foam cleaners, which will not damage the projection screen. You can also choose from cleaners such as collar cleaners in supermarkets. 3. A very important point, what tools should be used when cleaning the projection screen. Because the surface of the projection screen is actually uneven, it is necessary to choose an erasing tool with the smallest possible molecular particles, such as polymer sponges. This kind of sponge particles are very small and can be fully removed after the detergent is moistened and softened. Dirt in the pit. On the contrary, it is difficult to clean the small stains in the recesses of the projection screen by using rough sponges or towels. I hope that after watching it, you can experience a better projection quality. This is also our aim 'The screen makes the horizon different.' Remember: Before cleaning the projection screen, you must see what type of screen you have. Don't blindly follow the method described above and do it regardless of the type of projection screen. The consequences will only make your projection screen draw. The quality has become worse.
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