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how to paint a star/night-sky themed nursery that will last until high school.

by:XY Screens     2020-06-01
I started painting my room at Star/night before I had a baby --
Sky theme because I\'m really, really, really crazy for outer space and all the stars-related. Like the \"all-I-ever-wanted-to-be-was-an-astronaut-ever-since-I-was-a-little-
The obsession of \"girl\" has become more and more intense over time.
Because I can\'t name my child with the Stars (I dunno--
Moonlight Stardust really sounds good! )
I decided to name my ferret with the Stars: Castor, polllux, Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Vega.
As it turned out, towards the end of the painting of the guest room, I found out that I had been pregnant with my first child for six weeks and soon turned it into a baby nursery.
After three children, this nursery is the perfect space for my girls and boys to grow up. It has a non-
This will allow me 3-year-
When he was in his teens, when we could add a cool metal table made of a toolbox with a laminated counter against the metal bulletin board on the wall.
Oh, the best thing about this room is: shine in the dark and reproduce the night sky accurately!
This is a must for this room, because when you turn off the lights, how can a room with a star/night sky theme not have stars and planets that glow in the dark?
Another positive feature of this lightin-the-
Dark room: no night lighting required.
My kids never need the night lights in this room, because when the lights are off, the stars glow brightly, then darken over time, and finish the darkness when they fall asleep.
So, first of all I would say, I\'m sorry I didn\'t have a picture before, but I took you a video of a sponge
Paint on a foam board.
The room was completed 12 years ago and painting the effect on the wall is really a simple process.
I never had a sponge.
Before the project even drew a room \"normally.
You also don\'t need any artistic skills in this project, but don\'t tell my friends and family, I love the fact that they continue to think that I have amazing painting skills!
Depending on the shape of your room, you need to decide which wall is at night
The wall of time and which wall will be the daylight walls.
I decided to split my room against the center, half done.
I was careful not to paint your whole room on a dark night
The time is the color of the theme, because I think it will Optical down your room and you will need a lot of light in the evening to see comfortably.
But this is your room. -
If you want a comfortable, dark, cave-
Love the feeling of it and then continue painting all nighttime!
Materials and supplies required: blue painter\'s tapeLatex primerPale yellow latex paint for the underlying coating of the solar wall
Sky wall paper roller with roller cover for edge and corner work and formwork drawing
Green, purple, dark blue, deep shades yellow, red paint pen, black paint pen, gold paint pen, glow-in-the-
Dark color latex glaze medium (
Larger containers can be found at home
Shop improvement)
Natural sponge reusable plastic bag plastic bowl for mixing pigment night sky template (
Or do it yourself)
With tape from your blue painter, tape removed from your base plate, your window frame, your door, etc, large sheet of paper graphite transfer paper computer printer, paper stick,
On your solar wall
And tape off the edge of the night.
The Sky Wall will meet your solar wall.
Paint your wall with light yellow latex paint if necessary.
Apply a second coat if needed and let it dry completely.
Partially mixed Part 1 \"deep tone\" yellow (
Lighter Orange/dark gold--
You can also use it if you can find the light tone orange)
Acrylic paint in plastic bowl and 1 part glass medium.
By mixing acrylic paint and glaze media only partially, you get some stronger colors when you Sponge the walls.
Wet your sponge and screw out some but not all of the water.
Dip the sponge into the paint/glaze mixture and use up-and-
Move down around your pale yellow walls.
Place your other hand in a plastic bag, apply the edges of the color to soften them, or mix and mute the traces of the sponge with a clean part of the sponge.
You may need to use a small template brush to enter the corner of the room where the sponge does not fit well.
Simply dip the end of the steel mesh brush into the paint on the sponge and pat the brush on the wall to continue the mottled effect.
Apply a little of your light yellow latex paint on the wall with the same damp spongeand-
Move down and work using a plastic bag method or a clean part of the sponge.
Let the paint dry. Night-
Sky wall with blue painter tape, tape your base plate, window frame and door at night-sky walls.
Also tape the edge of the solar wall to meet your night-sky walls.
Prime time of night
Sky wall with latex primer if needed.
Paint with light blue latex paint;
Let the paint dry.
You may not need the second layer of light blue paint because of how dark the acrylic glaze is on the wall, but also apply a second coat if you feel it is necessary.
Allow complete drying.
Mix dark blue, green and purple acrylic paint with glass windows in separate bowls (1:1 ratio).
Use a dark blue paint/glaze mixture and a new damp sponge with up-and-
Move down, leaving an area of a light blue background.
Dip in the second color using the same sponge (purple)
Random dab in the first area of the color.
Continue to sponge outward and add and mix colors on the wall.
Avoid making small isolated color patches, thinking big, connecting people of the same color to bring a continuous feeling to the night --sky.
When you come to a corner, use your steel mesh brush to continue the mottled paint effect that the sponge does not fit well.
Let the paint dry.
Why do I need to add glaze compounds to acrylic paint before wiping it with a sponge?
The purpose of glazed parts in artificial finish/artificial paint is to extend the drying time of acrylic paint and make the paint color more transparent.
This helps to be able to continue mixing larger parts together as you cross the wall.
This is also the reason why you want to be able to complete at least one whole wall within the specified time ---
Don\'t stop halfway--
Because of acrylic paint (
Even with glass windows)
It will end up completely dry and you will not be able to mix and connect the larger parts seamlessly.
In this case you will leave a darker edge and the other paint is just layered on the dry paint, not mixed with it.
If you think you can only do one wall a day, put the blue painter\'s tape on the edge of all the other adjacent walls, or even the finished \"faux\" ed walls, to prevent the new paint from just sitting on the dry paint, leaving a funky dark edge.
Draw a compass on the wall with a ruler and pencil.
Brush and green acrylic paint with a small craft, start with a pencil line, work inward and draw half of each Compass arm.
Leave pieces and cracks in color to suggest age.
Paint the other half of each Compass arm with purple acrylic.
If you are afraid of swaying lines, use the blue painter\'s tape as the outline of your wall to make sure you have a clear, straight line when drawing.
To add an additional astronomical chart, draw a straight line using a ruler and pencil, and draw an arc with a pencil tied to the rope.
Paint the lines black and red using an acrylic paint pen. Allow to dry.
With a damp sponge, apply a small amount of light yellow latex paint on the compass and chart to imply age and wear. Don\'t laugh--
This is how papyrus fonts were 12 years ago!
Use a computer printer to print words or letters on plain copy paper.
Print is big enough so you can get one letter every 8 letters.
Page 5X11 inch.
Cut all the pages and tape them together so you have a word banner that is evenly distributed between letters. Affix 8.
5X11 inch carbon graphite paper, behind your word letters, with blue painter\'s tape, put a paper banner on your window or on the wardrobe door.
Track your letter outline with a pencil and transfer the words to your painted wall.
Fill in the words you track with a gold or black paint pen.
Don\'t be angry if your font is out of date for 18 years, your room is decorated like this.
I ordered these \"Night Sky\" templates from the Internet to help me draw the stars/constellations of the night accuratelysky walls.
Even today, I\'m pretty sure they\'re still on sale there, but you can do it yourself if you want.
I ordered all three products as my star nerd (
Summer sky, winter sky, Southern Sky)
Then start drawing all the constellation lines and label them.
Although it took some time, I\'m glad I did because I found that some stars were not hit where they needed to be placed and the whole constellation was gone (
Well, that happens sometimes when they re-draw, like the poor Pluto is suddenly excluded from our planetary lineup because a committee voted on it)
, One of the templates marked the end of the error with the equivalent \"this is over.
\"I can handle it anyway.
I found my chart and placed the template on my night
Sky walls, where they should be, the Milky Way climbs seamlessly up a wall and through the top of the ceiling.
I say in the title \"basically the astronomical correct Night Sky\" because one still tries to place a round, three-
Dimension Earth of Constellation in plane
Wall size.
The center of the room is the most accurate representation of the constellation, and as my outer edge of the starry sky repeats some constellations that have been placed on the other side of the room (time warp! )
So I can take my dark night
The glowing sky Wallin-the-
Constellation as dark as possible.
I first painted the stars in the small template hole with a golden pen, and then I applied the lightin-the-
Apply dark paint on dry gold paint.
If you want to see more subtle stars during the day, you can remove the gold paint app and use only the glow-in-the-
Apply dark paint through your template.
Using the star chart provided in the night sky template box, I drew a red line on my star template indicating where the Milky Way falls.
I then pieced together large pieces of thin paper as another \"removable\" template placed on the wall.
I go back from the original star template to my temporary one-time template.
I then cut this template open and stick the Galaxy template to the wall to reveal the correct constellation that passes through it.
In a bowl full of waterin-the-
Dark paint, I dip the end of the toothbrush into the watered paint, slide my finger on the bristles, and flick the small drops onto the wall the template opens. (
Make sure you have waterproof cloth or plastic on your floor so your carpet doesn\'t shine like your Wall at night --sky! )
I do this over and over on the wall and ceiling, using my cut-out template only to reveal the part of the wall that I want to paint to hit.
Aggregate plastic glowin-the-
Dark planets, hang them on central lamps on the ceiling, like the sun.
Better yet, find a solar-like fixture (
If you look long enough, or a huge sunflower).
I also found the wall paper sticker.
The ums of the planet is attached to the wall to gain more visual appeal.
\"The Moon in My Room\", bright moon art, was also installed on a wall on a changing table and provided us with enough extra light in the middleof-the-
Change diapers at night so as not to wake the baby up with a bright central light.
This is the best part. -
Turn off the lights and enjoy the bright stars and constellations, as well as the faint Milky Way through the ceiling and walls.
Sometimes when guests use this room, they comment on how bright the night sky is when they first go to bed and are a little worried that they can\'t sleep.
But its disappearance is enough for them to fall asleep quickly in a few minutes.
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