How to prevent the full-color LED display from overcurrent_full-color LED display manufacturer Huaze

How to prevent the full-color LED display from overcurrent_full-color LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-15
Due to the unique advertising display effect and wide coverage of full-color LED displays, more and more full-color LED displays are used and installed. At the same time, as the use rate of large LED screens is higher, there are various problems. There will be more and more. Today, I will take you to understand how to prevent the full-color LED display from overcurrent. 1. The zero line current of the full-color LED display is too large (the current of the zero line is between 1.6 and 2.4 times the current of the phase line);      2. The full-color LED display cable is noisy, the neutral line is heated seriously, and the neutral line is obviously electrical Fire hazard;     3, the full-color LED display trips (leakage switch or circuit breaker).    The reason why the zero line current of the full-color LED display is larger than the phase line current     Three-phase current balance, the three-phase current vector angle difference is 120 degrees, the three phases can cancel each other, and the zero line current is zero. The full-color LED display is powered by the switching power supply. The switching power supply generates a large 3rd harmonic current (third harmonic current) to the power grid. The 3rd harmonic current is a zero-sequence ghost current, and the three-phase vector angle is the same, so 3 The sub-harmonic current is superimposed on the neutral line. Usually the 3rd harmonic current content of the switching power supply is between 55% and 80%, which makes the full-color LED display show some strange phenomena: 'The phase line current is much smaller than the neutral line current / the neutral line current is close to the phase line current. And '     zero-line high-current solution. The special zero-sequence filter for full-color LED display (ZSFGD series) is aimed at the zero-line over-current characteristics of full-color LED display. Guangda Electric has ten years of experience in zero-line current processing and breakthroughs in foreign technology. Another masterpiece. It is the best product to solve the excessive zero-line current caused by the full-color LED display. The zero-sequence filter is connected in parallel with the phase line of the full-color LED display. After the 3rd harmonic current passes through the zero-sequence filter, the zero-sequence filter will generate magnetic flux. After detection and calculation, the same size/direction is produced inside the device The opposite magnetic flux is cancelled, thereby filtering out the 3rd harmonic current and eliminating the neutral current. What are the benefits of the neutral over-current filter 1. It can reduce the current of the full-color LED display by more than 90%;      2. Avoid hot cables and wires, reduce losses, and save electricity costs 3% to 8% overall;      3. Avoid insulation The neutral wire is aging, causing a short circuit to cause an electrical fire. Product features of neutral overcurrent filter:     Take ZSFGD zero sequence filter as an example. Compared with the traditional solution (zero line current blocker), it has the following characteristics:      1. Installation method: the neutral line current blocker is connected in series On the neutral line, the main switch of the transformer needs to be cut off for installation, and the zero sequence filter is connected in parallel to the three-phase four-wire. The installation only needs to be powered off. Full-color LED display;      2. National standard: the neutral current blocker does not meet the national standard requirements The neutral line is not allowed to be connected to any device in series / zero sequence filter meets all national standards;      3. Personal safety: there is voltage on the neutral line of the neutral current blocker, and there is a risk of electric shock if people touch the neutral line / zero sequence filter zero There is no voltage on the line, and there is no danger if people touch the neutral line;      4. Safety of full-color LED display devices: The zero-line current blocker device is damaged, the full-color LED display screen has no neutral line, and the full-color LED display screen has electrical components burned Bad/zero-sequence filter is damaged, the full-color LED display is out of power and cannot be started;      5. Electrical short-circuit safety: The neutral current blocker is short-circuited inside the display. As the neutral line impedance becomes much larger, the short-circuit current becomes smaller , The leakage time becomes longer, the upper switch does not trip the surface to cause electrical fire/zero sequence filter short circuit inside the full-color LED display, the upper switch normally trips without danger.    6. Zero-line current elimination effect: The zero-line current filtering rate of the zero-line current blocker is lower than 60%/the zero-line current filtering rate of the zero-sequence filter is higher than 90%. Huaze Optoelectronics is a professional full-color LED display manufacturer in China. The quality is guaranteed after sale. You can contact the company if you have any problems with the large LED screen. Welcome to contact the company.
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