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How to put outdoor LED large-screen advertising to be more attractive?|led display

by:XY Screens     2021-09-09
Outdoor LED large-screen advertising has developed to this day, and it has become an advertising carrier that can reflect the prosperity of the area. Where there is a business district, there must be a large screen, and the place with a large screen is basically a business district. What should be done to make the advertisement more attractive when the LED large-screen advertising is done? The LED display is completely different from the traditional outdoor advertising. It is a brand-new advertising form. It is a display screen composed of an array of LED devices through a certain control method. It can be used to display various information such as text, graphics, images, animation, market quotation, video, video signal and so on. This system is used for advertising display, not only the screen has high brightness, high impact, high contrast, and bright colors, but also can display its dynamic animation and text, moving pictures, and active advertising forms, which bring a huge visual impact to the advertisement itself. It has achieved a good advertising effect. Outdoor LED advertising, LED large screen advertising form processing must be tailored according to the form relationship of the scenery building. The location of outdoor LED large-screen advertisements is particularly important. In order to get more attention, the advertisements must be clearly visible. Whether the audience is active or passive, it reflects the importance of location. Few people are on the street. When you walk, you will look around, so the LED large-screen advertising should be clear at a glance.
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