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How to set the content of the LED display_led display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-04
Friends who have just come into contact with LED large screens, I believe they don’t know much about LED advertising displays. We often encounter some problems, such as the use of LED advertising display screens for advertising and related information, then how to set the content of the specific LED display screen.  For LED screen settings, it is actually not that difficult. Because each LED display will be accompanied by a control card and related software, once the screen is installed, the control card and power supply can be connected. Use a computer to execute this software, so that you can easily change the font, font, and related content. The related effects are also displayed incisively and vividly.  In changing the relevant LED display content, we can also operate by using mobile phones, U disks, or even computers. If you add a GSM mobile phone SMS control card to the LED display, then you can completely use your mobile phone to operate. In this way, you can send and change the content of the advertisement subtitles by editing the relevant short messages.   If you use a USB flash drive to control the card, you can directly use the USB flash drive to copy the relevant content if you replace the content. If you use a computer, then we will have more choices. But the specific choice to choose depends entirely on our actual application requirements. For example, when we use it in a personal store, we recommend using a wired control card to complete the instructions through a computer. You can also use a U disk to control the card, so it doesn't need to be connected and it is very direct.   Another example is LED advertising display screens are distributed in various communities, as well as bus stations and various chain store front screens and other places. In this case, mass sending is required, we recommend using GPRS wireless control card. Because doing so can save time and speed, only need to use the computer to edit. LED display content setting 1. RS232 interface (9-pin interface), if it is a desktop computer, it usually has an RS232 interface terminal, just connect it directly; if it is a repeater, it must be connected with an RS232 to USB2.0 line RS232 cable, it is worth noting that when you buy this cable, you must bring an installation CD. When installing, install the driver according to the model marked on the cable terminal. 2. USB2.0 interface, use a USB extension cable. Next, directly compile it with the computer and import it into the U disk, and then plug the U disk into the USB cable. After power on, it will automatically import into the LED control. Just unplug it. 3. The RJ45 interface needs to be used synchronously with the computer. Connect the screen to the computer directly with a network cable. If you need to set the IP, you must manually enter it, usually automatically. In fact, every LED display is equipped with a control card and software. After the screen is installed, connect the control card and power supply, and then copy the software to the computer. You can operate directly on the computer, and you can modify the text content on it. , Scanning mode, scrolling effect. Usually it is operated by mobile phone, U disk, computer, to change and set the font and content of the LED display: If you use a GSM mobile phone SMS control card in the LED display, then the tool you use to change the word It is a mobile phone, you can send and change the subtitles of the advertisement by editing the short message. If you are using a U disk control card, then you can directly use the U disk to copy the content and replace it on the LED display to change the content. If you want to change the content on the LED display through a computer, you have more options. Need to combine actual needs. For example, some stores use a personal store, it is recommended to use a wired control card to send through a computer, or choose to use a U disk control card without connecting, and if you want to change the advertising content, you can copy it directly with a U disk. If the LED advertising display screens are distributed in various communities, or in places such as bus stations, chain store doors, etc., and you want to send them collectively, save trouble, and fast, then it is recommended to use GPRS wireless control card to edit the content in the computer software. One-click group sending. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to use USB or GPRS to save time quickly. It is also worth noting that the following hardware or software problems will also affect the font settings of the LED advertising display: 1. The computer and the LED display are not connected. Cannot connect depends on whether the serial port number is correct, it must be correct to send successfully. (If you use a USB data cable, you need to find the serial port number in the device manager. If there is no usb, change the serial port number to 1) 2. When you click the send icon, it displays 'Unable to find the control card' or 'Control card' 'Unable to connect' or 'No control card settings3. Sometimes the use of the display screen is too long, and the data line has problems of virtual welding and short circuit, which will affect the use of the display screen. 4. When modifying the content, it must be when the LED display is energized. I believe everyone knows it. The above is the content setting method of the LED display, pay more attention to the official website of the LED display manufacturer of Huaze Optoelectronics, and update the knowledge of the LED display every day.
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