【How to use Metron projection screen and how to deal with common problems】Projection screen applicat

【How to use Metron projection screen and how to deal with common problems】Projection screen application skills

by:XY Screens     2021-11-06
Metron series projection screens are beautiful in appearance, high in brightness, good in color reproduction, non-toxic and tasteless. It uses an advanced microcomputer chip to control the action of the screen through a program, which is convenient to use, precise in control position, simple and easy to adjust the limit, and the whole machine is stable and reliable. In order to make it easier for users to use Metron screens, we have compiled some problems that may be encountered in the use of Metron series projection screens and the methods of operating the screens for users' reference.
How to use Metron electric screen:
After the power is turned on, the red light on the switch box is on.
Press switch one, the curtain will rise, and it will stop automatically when it reaches the upper limit (or all of it is put into the box).
Press switch two, the curtain will drop, and it will stop automatically when it reaches the lower limit.
The switch returns to position 0, and the curtain stops immediately.
How to adjust the projection screen
The adjustment switch is set on the green light of the curtain box. It can be pressed by hand.
When adjusting the upper limit: Press the manual switch once. Press the green light again, the indicator light on the screen starts to flash, and the screen begins to rise at the same time, until all the boxes are received, press the green light again, the screen stops, and the indicator light goes out.
When adjusting the lower limit: press the second gear of the hand control switch, press the green light once, the indicator light on the screen starts to flash, the screen descends, and press the green light again when the screen is lowered to the lower limit position, the curtain stops, the indicator light goes out, and the adjustment is over.
Note: The upper limit must be adjusted first. If the upper limit is adjusted without lower limit, the screen will not run. Only the lower limit is adjusted, and the upper limit position is memorized from the adjustment start point.
Troubleshooting of Metra projection screen
1. No reflection during operation.
Whether the power supply has electricity, and whether the indicator light on the switch box is on.
Is the connection correct?
Whether the line is loose, falling off, or disconnected.
Whether the switch is flexible and easy to use.
2. The retractable is not in place.
Whether the lifting process is subjected to external force.
Is there any high frequency interference source in the environment?
Note: If you cannot determine the fault, please contact the dealer for repair.
Please unplug the power supply if it will not be used for a long time.
Connect to the central controller
Cut at any point of the control connection to connect to the central control device.
The black line is the common zero line, the red line is the up line, and the green (blue) line is the down line.

Daily Use Instructions for Metra Business Screen
First, rotate the two feet of the bottom of the box to a 90-degree cross state with the box body, and place them on a flat ground or other plane, so that the two feet are evenly grounded, and the box body is level, and avoid glare Directly hit the screen surface and the direction of the wind.
Open the box
Press the box cover with one hand, open the two box locks with the other hand, and open the box cover to the full extent, completely behind the box body.
Pull the opening cloth
Grasp the lifting board with your hands, and slowly lift it vertically to the desired height.
After the screen is turned on, it should be checked once. The sturdiness of the connecting parts in various places, the stable state of placement, and the correctness of confirmation can be used normally.
Retract the screen
Press the lifting plate with one hand to keep the force even and vertical, and the speed should be slow. At the same time, observe the recovery of the curtain. If the recovery of the curtain is found to be uneven or out of the pocket, immediately pull the curtain out to a flat part and slow down. Recycle. After retracting, the curtain roll should be even and straight with neat ends. At this time, close the box cover, press and lock it with your hands, and turn the foot back to a position parallel to the box body.
The screen cannot be touched with hard objects, nor can it be folded.
Moving and storing are carried out in parallel, and cannot be tilted or vertical.
Usually use a wool brush to clean the dust. When the pollution is serious, you can use a cotton ball dipped in water or alcohol to gently scrub it, and then let it dry naturally. It can only be put away after it is completely dry.
It should be placed in a dry place in parallel, avoid high temperature and away from corrosive substances, and prevent hard objects from squeezing and collision.
In addition, in the northern winter, when entering indoors from the outside, the curtain and indoor temperature should be balanced before use, to prevent condensation of moisture and affect the use effect.
If there are other problems, please contact the dealer or the factory directly to discuss and solve them together.
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