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how to use the conference room projector at techshop san francisco

by:XY Screens     2019-11-08
TechShop San Francisco is located on the second floor with a large meeting room with windows from floor to ceiling overlooking the shop with lots of seating and tables, whiteboard space and a projector.
This manual will introduce how to set up and use the projector.
= I wrote it from TechShop in San Francisco.
They offer safety and use classes on your device to help you get up and running.
If you include \"What I did at TechShop\", there is free class for every useful TechShop Instructure you write.
You can book a meeting room at the front desk.
The meeting room seems to be empty most of the time, but is sometimes booked by TechShop events and other TechShop members.
You can book in person or call the front desk :(415)263-
The 9161 projector is mounted on the ceiling facing the workshop.
First, pull down the screen.
You can also turn off the lights and close the curtains.
The projector has a small remote control in black.
You may need to find a DC to help you find it.
Press the red button on the remote to turn on the projector.
You should see that the light on the projector goes from red to blue and the Acer screen saver appears on the screen.
There is a black VGA cable on the projector that you can use to connect your computer.
I don\'t have a VGA port on my computer, but I can borrow the VGA to the Mini display port adapter to connect to my computer.
When I connect to the projector, my computer has a default resolution of 800 by 600px.
To change this setting, I have the display preferences turned on.
I have different resolution options depending on the monitor I asked for a preference optimization.
You may want to try some solutions to determine which ones are most clear, especially if you need to render the text.
You should be ready to use the projector now.
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