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how we work: technology both kills and creates new jobs in regional western australia

by:XY Screens     2020-02-22
Inventor Alexander Graham Bell once said that the other door will open when one door is closed.
When talking to small business owner Nicolas Walters, the mood became real, and his diversified IT company ran coding courses on the basis of what Bloom in Western Australia used to be a video rental store.
\"Our building used to be a Video 2000 store, and many people miss it,\" said the leading computer general manager . \".
\"In the past, you would rent a video to watch.
Now, you sit at home watching Netflix and stream your content.
\"As digital transformation subverts and threatens certain jobs in some industries, digital transformation helps to create new jobs in this case.
\"It\'s not all bad luck and pessimism when an industry really crashes.
Walters said: \"There are obviously some casualties. MS.
\"But we hired nine people, and I think that\'s more than the music store.
\"As a small business owner, you must always be alert to your relevance.
\"In addition to selling and repairing computers, Walters MS\'s company also runs children\'s coding classes, and many may not expect to find such classes in a remote town in Kimberley.
\"It allows them to participate in the world and contribute to it, but the best part is that they can bring something to our community and make our community more dynamic.
\"The kids in the coding class have also been learning 3D printers and all their incredible uses.
\"There is a 3D printer that can print the pizza and you can eat it.
You won\'t be making pizza [
In future stores]
MS Walters said.
\"You might have someone program a 3D printer to print a pizza order.
\"She believes it is important for children to have the skills and the ability to create jobs in the future.
\"If we give them these skills, they will go out and design something that we didn\'t imagine and create a new economy that could be located in bloom or anywhere in the world.
\"We want our children to be able to rejuvenate in this way so that they can be part of a growing economy.
\"I can\'t foresee it in 10 years, but I thinkyear-
Old, you give them a 3D printer and they will create something from there that we never imagined.
At the same time, Sun Pictures, the iconic tourist attraction of Broome, old-
A few years ago, a style projector was made for a new hard drive sent digitally to the movie.
Tony Hutchinson, a former projectionist, is now a local real estate agent. He said that theaters have adapted to a wide range of changes in film and society.
\"When we got into the industry, video had been in control for a while,\" he said . \".
\"But people go back to the public places in the cinema because they want to laugh with the crowd and mix up with their town dwellers, which can be said to be going through things with the tribe.
\"That\'s what makes it beautiful, and I think it will keep it going all the time.
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