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How wide the screen is best for your theater

by:XY Screens     2021-08-14
Nowadays, many friends don’t know how to choose a home theater screen. Today I will give you a few examples to illustrate how to better choose a home theater screen. To determine the width of the screen correctly, you first need to understand that the aspect ratio of the auditorium is 1:1.5 (±0.2), the nearest viewing distance is 0.6 times the screen width, and the farthest viewing distance is 1.8 times the screen width. When the auditorium has a relatively narrow and long ratio of 1:1.7, the width of the screen should use a wall-to-wall effect, make full use of the width of the hall, maximize the screen size, and enhance the audience's sense of presence. However, when the length-to-width ratio of the auditorium is 1:1.3, the hall width cannot be used. This will increase the nearest viewing distance, reduce the number of seats, and waste the area of u200bu200bthe auditorium. Therefore, according to the above situation, it is recommended to divide the farthest visual distance by 1.8 when determining the screen width. The following is an example to illustrate: A 20m long hall, the farthest viewing distance is 18m, then the width of the screen is 18/1.8u003d10m. The width of the hall with a length of 20M is calculated according to the ratio of 1:1.7, and its width is 20/1.7u003d11.76M. After deducting the thickness of the walls on both sides and the size of the screen frame reserved in the future, the 10M wide screen just reflects The wall-to-wall effect, the closest viewing distance is 10x0.6u003d6m. If the length of the hall remains unchanged at 20m, and the ratio of the hall becomes 1:1.3, the width of the hall is 20/1.3≈15m, and the dimensions of the walls and prefabricated screen frames on both sides are deducted. If it is still to widen the screen to the maximum limit , Then the screen width at this time should be 13m, and the closest viewing distance becomes 13X0.6u003d7.8m. The recent viewing distance has been increased from the original 6m to 7.8m, reducing the number of seats in rows 1-2. The farthest viewing distance is only 1.38 times the screen width, which is far from the best farthest viewing distance of 1.8 times the screen width. If the hall screen with an aspect ratio of 1:1.3 is also used with a 10m screen, not only will the number of seats be increased, the viewing effect will not deteriorate.
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