Huaze Optoelectronics LED transparent screen gives you more choices_led transparent screen manufactu

Huaze Optoelectronics LED transparent screen gives you more choices_led transparent screen manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
With more and more glass curtain wall designs in recent years, the demand for personalized design is also increasing. Conventional outdoor LED displays will not be able to meet the diversified needs of the market. The introduction of transparent LED screens has not only enriched the LED display The types and display methods of screen products fill the gap in the field of LED transparent display, and also provide customers with more choices and possibilities. With its unprecedented visual experience and brand-new application experience, the LED transparent screen has become a high-profile industry star in 2018. The transparent screen not only blends perfectly with the surrounding environment, but also has the characteristics of light weight, transparency, and easy installation. It can provide product solutions for office buildings, shopping malls, stages, airports, hotels and other occasions, and is favored by professional users around the world. The new transparent LED display has opened up a new application field and has a broad market prospect. It is especially suitable for the fields of 'architectural media' and stage drama. It caters to the needs of an emerging market and successfully created a high-quality outdoor media resources. Street shop windows are an important means of retail store merchandise display and promotion. It is of great significance for displaying retail store business categories, focusing on promoting merchandise, and attracting consumers to buy. It is one of the trends in the development of advertising window design to change the display window from static display to flexible and changeable; to make the shop more vivid as a whole, and to generate deeper information interaction with consumers and crowds. The LED transparent screen can be applied as long as there is a glass curtain wall. Such as banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings, etc. It can be used in home decoration, bar decoration, shopping mall decoration, etc., such as glass tables, partitions that emit light when the switch is turned on, or doors and windows in shopping malls, or even larger fish tanks. Conventional LED display requires a large-scale steel frame structure when building, which is time-consuming and laborious and affects the shape and aesthetics of the building to a certain extent. The LED transparent screen of Huaze Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. does not need a steel structure when installed, and can be easily integrated with the wall with a small amount of construction when used, without harm to the wall, and can also improve the overall aesthetics of its appearance. u200du200d
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