Huaze Optoelectronics small-pitch LED display brings you a better visual experience_LED rental scree

Huaze Optoelectronics small-pitch LED display brings you a better visual experience_LED rental screen | indoor full-color LED display

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
With the gradual deepening of digitization, networking, and informationization in the radio and television industry, analog signals are transformed into digital signals, and applications such as high-definition digital display and intelligent monitoring have become increasingly widespread, bringing changes to traditional virtual studios. The small-pitch LED display technology has become the 'darling' of a new generation of studios with its unparalleled colors, suitable color saturation, sharp pictures, full digital processing mode and mature and stable technology. In the past three years, the supply and marketing of small-pitch LED large screens has maintained a compound annual growth rate of more than 80%. This level of growth not only ranks first among all major technologies in the large-screen industry today, but is also a high growth rate unprecedented in the history of the large-screen industry. The rapid market growth shows the great vitality of small-pitch LED technology. However, this does not mean that today's small-pitch LED products have reached the 'best' technical state. For this reason, Huaze Optoelectronics has designed a set of professional display system solutions, with ultra-high-definition display images; ultra-wide color temperature flexible conversion; ultra-stable playback system; ultra-high refresh rate and other features to achieve perfect display effects while ensuring live broadcast Safety and reliability. The small-pitch LED display using COB packaging technology is called the 'second generation' small-pitch LED display product. Since last year, this product has shown a momentum of rapid market growth and has become the 'most favored' roadmap for some brands that focus on the high-end command and dispatch center market. In the field of LED applications, COB packaging is mainly used in medium and high power lighting systems and small-pitch LED products. The former considers the heat dissipation advantages brought by COB technology, while the latter, in addition to making full use of the stability advantages of COB in terms of product heat dissipation, can also achieve a series of unique 'performance effects'. The benefits of the application of COB encapsulation on small-pitch LED displays mainly include: 1. Provide a better heat dissipation platform. Because the COB package is that the particle crystal directly contacts the PCB board closely, it can make full use of the 'substrate area' to realize heat conduction and heat dissipation. The heat dissipation level is the core factor that determines the stability, point defect rate and service life of the small-pitch LED screen. Better heat dissipation structure naturally means better overall stability. Huaze Optoelectronics is a professional full-color LED display manufacturer in Shenzhen. Its main products are: indoor full-color LED display, outdoor LED display, LED rental screen, LED transparent screen, interactive sensor LED floor tile screen, various special-shaped soft screens, etc. ; Users in need can contact our company's website customer service.
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