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Huaze Optoelectronics tells you how to subdivide the stage led large screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
Nowadays, there are more and more large LED screens appearing in the stage party, and it uses its own advantages to give full play to its gorgeous effects and various special effects. It will also add a lot to the performance of the party. Now we will Let's understand that the stage LED large screen can be subdivided into several parts. 1. The main screen (referred to as the main screen). Generally speaking, the largest LED screen in the middle of the stage background can be called the main screen. In most cases, it is square and can be square or long. square. Since the content displayed on the main screen is more important, its imaging effect should be better, and the pixel density should also be larger. The main stage main screens with more mature technology are P4, P5, and P6. 2. The secondary screen (referred to as the secondary screen), the secondary screen is usually set up on both sides of the main screen, and is used to set off the content of the main screen, so the content it plays is mostly abstract, such as dancing fireworks, flashing Squares and so on. Therefore, the pixel pitch of the secondary screen will be larger, generally P7.62, P8, etc. are used. Since many parts use grid screens and play content, they are also called color screens. 3. Video expansion screens. Normal concerts and large-scale stage performances will use relatively large venues, which makes it impossible to see the wonderful performances on the stage in some places. At this time, a large screen will be placed on the side of the venue to face the stage. For live broadcasts, this screen can be called video expansion, and the specifications used are often similar to those of the main screen. In some KTVs, bars, dance halls and other places, some stage LED large screens of different shapes are also used. These special-shaped large LED screens are often transformed on the basis of the LED large screens according to the overall structural environment of the place. The specifications can be customized according to the actual situation, which makes the shape more changeable, improves the environment of the place to a new level, and gives people a dreamlike feeling. Create associations and lively atmosphere. With the use of LED large screens in stage performances more and more frequently, and designers' creative ideas improve. In some performances, it has appeared as an extremely important component of stage art. Abandoning the basic form of the traditional setting to reproduce the environment, a new aesthetic function is formed. During the performance, the large screen appeared to match the performance of the program, instead of the setting function. The virtual picture created gives us the space of imagination, which is more atmospheric than the real scene. The traditional stage set is constructed with specific material materials, with a visible external style, giving the audience a physical experience. LED is to awaken and inspire the audience through the screen related to the performance theme, so that the audience can feel more than the appearance, which directly affects the audience's psychological changes and affects the audience's mood. In terms of theater functions, LEDs can further narrow the relationship between performances and enliven the atmosphere of the performance. The information that the audience obtains from the image is far greater than the information displayed by the traditional stage set and lighting and other mechanical physical carriers. Variety and flexibility. Accompanied by the technological development of imaging equipment, it is very easy to realize scenes that could not be achieved by traditional settings before using LED electronic displays. For example, in 2005, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tenth National Games of the People's Republic of China, and the opening ceremony of the International Tourism and Culture Festival in Guangzhou, the use of large screens in performances have basically served as a set function. LED is more convenient and flexible than the traditional setting in the image change, it can complete the image change in an instant. Through technical means, we can use LED to play any imaginable picture, dynamic, static, realistic, freehand, colorful, and the effect is more vivid and lifelike. It not only brings new perfect enjoyment to the audience, but also forms new expectations and aesthetic associations. Rich performance content In previous stage performances, the function of LED was relatively simple, mainly displaying video materials and synchronized video images. In the stage performances at that time, the stage workers did not include it in the category of stage beauty, but regarded it as a big TV on the stage. Nowadays, as an extension and supplement of stage performance, LED has enriched the content of the performance and provided the audience with information beyond the performance itself. At the same time, the audience can get rid of a single, fixed perspective through the large LED screen, and can even see their own reactions, creating a certain visual sense of freshness. The large stage LED screen can divide a screen into multiple video screens for broadcasting, the display screen can be independent, combined, and used in any combination to play related large backgrounds. The large screen can be displayed in sections according to the needs of the performance, and can realize the superposition of pictures and texts. , The background picture is played by the video signal processor or combined with the same picture display, can be played close-up of the characters, can be used for text scrolling, or interstitial playback, can horizontally move the video screen screen, or up and down to become text, personalized video screen, bright Transform and beautify the stage background and the stage ground, through software design and system control to meet other requirements, advantages, frame structure design, convenient disassembly and assembly, reliable, easy to maintain applications and large entertainment venues and large-scale event occasions.
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