Huaze Optoelectronics wireless control LED large screen is widely favored_Outdoor LED Display|Full C

Huaze Optoelectronics wireless control LED large screen is widely favored_Outdoor LED Display|Full Color LED Display

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
Nowadays, LED display screens can be seen everywhere in many large and medium-sized cities, counties, towns, and public institutions in China. With the popularity of outdoor LED displays, it has been integrated into our lives. Outdoor full-color LED displays can be used not only as a carrier for advertising videos, but also as an external platform for government agencies and units to frequently release government information and urban promotional videos. The full-color LED display can spread information, beautify the image of the city, and improve the city's grade, so it has received strong support from the government. It also responded to China's call for vigorously developing an information society. More and more outdoor LED displays use asynchronous LED control cards. The most typical is the wireless LED control card. Outdoor large screens are mainly used to control the LED screen wirelessly through 2G/3G/4G, including the programs and LED screens that need to be uploaded. Related settings. The reason why Huaze Optoelectronics wireless LED control card outdoor LED display will stand out is mainly because Huaze Optoelectronics wireless control card LED large screen has the following four major advantages:   1. Simple operation and convenient information release. LED display screens communicate with each other through wireless communication. Server connection, you only need to use related software or log in to the cloud platform built by the server for simple settings, which can be used to publish advertising content and control the LED screen, which is convenient and fast. 2. Cluster control, time-saving and labor-saving Outdoor advertising LED displays generally have the two prominent characteristics of large numbers and wide distribution, and each card of the wireless LED control card corresponds to an IP number, and a single IP address can be controlled through the cloud platform or Multiple IP addresses, which greatly simplifies the work of later program release; through 2G/3G/4G wireless communication, as long as there is a signal, no matter how far away and how widely distributed, you can remotely control the LED display. 3. Real-time insertion mechanism of emergency information, rapid dissemination of advertisements. This is the most prominent advantage of the wireless LED control card. It is especially suitable for government agencies such as the Meteorological Bureau and the Public Security Bureau. If you need to interrupt the emergency notification information, you only need to select the information that needs to be played through the software. The LED screen can upload emergency notification information immediately, which is very fast and convenient. 4. Simple installation and high cost performance. The wireless LED control card sets the relevant screen adjustment parameter buttons, and adapts the LED display through the programmed program. It is convenient and simple to adjust the parameters of an LED display without the trouble of connecting to a computer. Debugging process; saving a series of costs such as a computer or receiving card, as well as labor costs for later management...All kinds of bills are calculated, the price-performance ratio of the large screen of Jiadi Technology's wireless LED control card is very high. In recent years, Huaze Optoelectronics has continuously increased investment in new product development. It has not participated in homogenization competition and vicious price competition in the field of LED display screens, which has made various series of LED large screen products continuously improved. The dance of science and technology continuously meets the increasing demands of the audience, adding charm to the LED field.
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