Human-screen interaction is an important direction for the future development of LED displays_full-c

Human-screen interaction is an important direction for the future development of LED displays_full-color LED display | small-pitch LED display

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
The full-color LED display 'before and behind the curtain' cooperates with each other in front of the screen-the perfect display picture presented by the full-color LED display. Behind the scenes-LED display supporting manufacturers' efforts behind the scenes. Obviously, there is no coordination of these supporting equipment behind the scenes. It is impractical to achieve a perfect display of the LED display. Only the assistance and cooperation of supporting equipment in front and behind the scenes can achieve a more perfect display effect of indoor screens and small spacing. Yang Lichang said: “As LED displays move from outdoors to indoors, compared with outdoor large LED screens, the audience’s identification rate of indoor LED screens has increased, and the requirements for display colors and display effects have become higher. It is necessary to meet these requirements. High requirements, it is necessary to rely on the supporting equipment behind the scenes-lamp beads, driver ICs, video processors, control systems, etc. to do the corresponding cooperation.' 'Secondly, the rise of small pitches is caused by LCD liquid crystal, DLP rear projection, etc. Traditional indoor splicing large screens are facing the competition, but at present, whether it is technology-dot pitch (LCD liquid crystal dot pitch can achieve P0.6) or cost, small pitches are at a disadvantage, and small pitches are not. Although stitching, high contrast, wide color gamut display, energy saving and other aspects can occupy certain advantages, in the future, small spacing will continue to seize the market share of indoor large screen splicing with LCD liquid crystal and DLP rear projection, and small spacing LED display must To be more excellent, these are indispensable for the assistance and cooperation of supporting equipment in order to achieve a more perfect display effect of indoor LED displays and small-pitch LED displays. 'High contrast, high grayscale and high refresh rate are the direction of future efforts. LED display is a hot topic in the current industry. Why is the small-pitch LED display sought after by the industry and favored by consumers? Obviously because the small-pitch display effect is better than traditional indoor splicing large screens, such as LCD liquid crystals. And perfect. In order to achieve the 'low brightness, high gray, and high brush' display effect of the small-pitch LED display, the driver IC undoubtedly plays the most critical role in it. In this regard, Yang Lichang introduced to reporters: 'Compared with the lamp beads, which account for 70% of the total cost of the entire LED display, the cost of the driver IC seems a little insignificant, but its role is also very important: high refresh rate, high contrast, These display effects such as high grayscale must rely on the cooperation of the driver IC to complete.” In the early days of the small-pitch LED display entering the market, the most talked about topic is how to solve the 7 major problems of the small-pitch LED display-ghost, first Line dark line, low gray color cast, low gray unevenness, gradient dark line, high contrast interference, eliminate cross phenomenon caused by LED open circuit. After the rapid advancement of technology in the past few years, these problems have been perfectly solved with the technical cooperation and joint efforts of manufacturers such as driver ICs and control systems. As a driver IC manufacturer, our next task is to further improve the contrast, grayscale and refresh rate of the LED display, and improve the contrast while not sacrificing its grayscale. This is a challenge for us. We need to interact with the lamp beads. , Control system and other manufacturers to complete together. Yang Lichang added. LED displays need to add more interactive elements. Yang Lichang is very optimistic about the future development of small-pitch LED displays. He believes: 'For LED display companies, small-pitch LED displays are a new battlefield. , Is a brand-new opportunity, the small pitch will directly impact LCD liquid crystal, the next two to three years, the prospects are very good. At present, the most important problem that needs to be solved with small spacing is how to reduce the cost, especially how to reduce the cost of the lamp beads. Therefore, the manufacturing process of the lamp beads must be greatly improved and upgraded. For the driver IC, the future will continue to develop in the direction of high integration and high integration, and how to help customers reduce the overall cost of the display is of greater significance. All these can only be achieved by relying on technological breakthroughs and innovations, even revolutionary technological breakthroughs. Otherwise, the small-pitch LED display will be difficult to shake the position of LCD liquid crystal in the indoor large-screen splicing market. 'Of course, the LED display, especially the small pitch with such excellent display effect, is obviously not enough if you just blindly improve its display effect. We need to continue to explore how to diversify the functions and applications of the display to maximize the value. Human-screen interaction is an extremely important direction for the value enhancement of LED displays in the future. We should not only position LED displays as a carrier for statically broadcasting advertisements. We should think about how to achieve the goal of achieving both the audience and the display. The good interaction between them maximizes the effectiveness of advertising and maximizes the output of advertising, which will indirectly increase the value of LED displays and broaden the application areas of LED displays.' Yang Lichang added. At the moment, VR/AR has become a hot spot, and companies such as Unilumin, Leyard, and Lianjian in the industry are all entering the VR/AR field. It can be seen that everyone is very optimistic about this new full-color LED display application field. In this regard, Yang Lichang said: 'If the LED display can be well connected with emerging technologies such as VR/AR in the future, this will open up new application areas for the LED display, which will bring unlimited full-color LED displays. It is possible that this will be a brand new opportunity for the future development of the industry, and it is also a good topic for many screen companies in the industry to think about next.'
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