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I miss the 'open-air movie' at that time

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
For people from the 1970s to the early 1990s, nothing was more exciting than watching an open-air movie. At that time, go to the movies! Definitely is an exciting call. The news came out quietly in the morning: There is a movie in the village of XX at night, there is no publicity on the radio, and the masses have no phone calls, but they spread everywhere like the chairman's words. After supper was perfunctory, after swelling and filling his stomach, he carried a chair and hurried to the road to watch a movie. At that time, most of the movies were screened in the open air at night. At this time, regardless of adults and children, the whole village was dispatched, and those near the ground would bring their own stools, and when they were far away, they would go lightly. It is common to walk for ten or twenty miles under the drive of that kind of passion. From the 1950s and 1960s to the end of the 1990s, open-air movies have always been the most important entertainment for Chinese people, especially in the vast rural areas. At that time, there was a rhetoric saying: Chinese film news briefing; Vietnamese film plane cannon; North Korean film crying and laughing; Albania inexplicable; Romanian cuddling; however, there were also many war-themed movies that were the most popular at the time, such as 'South and North 'WarAt that time, I had a very good memory, and I almost never forget it. Even when I saw a movie for the first time, a group of people gathered together the next day. Through collective wisdom, I could recall all the plots from beginning to end, imitate actions, and even recite. Most lines. A curtain, a projectionist, a beam of light, and the people who moved to the bench by themselves, constitute all the elements of the open-air cinema. In addition to major festivals, the village organizes screenings, and some families with good conditions will also spend money to invite screening teams. The audience are mainly men, women and children in the village, and of course there are also young men, women and children who have heard the news from several nearby villages. Most of the films are revolutionary battle feature films, such as 'Red Sun. It's rare to show one or two martial arts movies, and the audience will be thrilled. The screening method is very simple, usually set up half a day in advance. In fact, it’s on the edge of the drying valley field, insert two bamboo poles or small tree poles in the mud, and then tie a white curtain on top of the bamboo or tree poles, and then find a good position in the drying valley field and place the machine. , After debugging, you can start. Of course, the open-air screening depends on the face of the weather. If there is wind, the screen will generally be unfixed and the picture will be distorted; even worse is the sudden heavy rain, in which case the long-awaited movie will be lost. There is nothing special about the sound, and the volume is loud enough. People usually bring their own benches in advance to occupy seats. Those who come late are difficult to find a good position on the front, so some people rush to look behind the screen. The image on the back is a mirror image. It's okay to look at the characters, but it's silly to look at the subtitles. The midfield has to change films, which is the only piss point for the audience. The second-use film is particularly easy to damage, and there will often be black screens or frame skipping during the screening process, but the audience does not mind. In order to leave their own figure on the screen, there are always bear children to block the lights of the projector, and some people will kick the cable. In short, there are continuous episodes in the screening process. If there happened to be a tree in the place where it was shown, there would be a lot of children hanging on it that night. A hawker with a business acumen will never let go of this good opportunity. In the surrounding stalls, buy melon seeds, popsicles... I made money by watching the movie. After an hour or two, the movie is over with subtitles such as the end, the end of the play, and goodbye on the screen. People are still trying to pack their things and go home in twos and threes...In the night, they interweave their hands and light, laughter, reprimand, sigh, bicycle bells, young people's songs...mixed together, people talked about the plot, immersed in the fun of the movie middle. Nowadays, such a passionate scene can no longer be seen in the countryside. It is like a firework, which bloomed in that era. After it was set off, it became history. All we have left is nostalgia!
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