IMAX will enter the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the viewing experience is fully upgraded-XY Screen

IMAX will enter the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the viewing experience is fully upgraded

by:XY Screens     2021-10-08
Hollywood, April 12, 2013-IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX; TSX: IMX) signed a contract with the Hollywood Chinese Theater to announce the creation of an IMAX theater. After the iconic Chinese Grand Theater is transformed into an IMAX theater, it will have the cutting-edge characteristics of a new generation theater in the 21st century. This is also the first IMAX theater in Hollywood and will provide an unparalleled viewing experience for Southern California audiences. The IMAX theater will become the theater with the largest number of IMAX seats in the world and the theater with the third largest screen in the United States. After the agreement is finally approved, it will come into effect. The world-famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood holds more than 40 premieres of world-class movies every year, and is famous all over the world for the handprints and footprints of superstars in the front yard of the theater’s Avenue of Stars. The theater will usher in its 85th year on May 1st. The first major renovation in history is expected to reopen to the public at the end of summer. Alwyn Hight Kushner, President and Chief Operating Officer of TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, said: 'The Chinese Theater will undergo a series of renovations. IMAX plays an important role in revitalizing this landmark building. We believe IMAX is unparalleled. The entertainment technology and the appeal of IMAX blockbusters will lead this famous theater into the era of providing high-quality viewing experience for the audience. The newly-named theater company TCL also provided high-tech support for the entire theater, and together with IMAX became an enabler This beloved landmark is a decisive factor in the modernization of the building.' IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond (Richard L. Gelfond) said: 'Hollywood Chinese Theater is beyond doubt in the tradition and history of Hollywood. It is the most famous theater in the world. We are very honored to be able to introduce the IMAX experience in this landmark building. This cooperation will be a perfect combination of Hollywood history and cutting-edge entertainment technology. In the future, it will change the audience's view of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood Movie experience.” During the renovation period, the world-renowned front yard of the Avenue of Stars with celebrity handprints and footprints, the adjacent Chinese 6 Theater and the Grauman Ballroom will remain open to the public. About the Chinese Grand Theater The Chinese Grand Theater in Hollywood, built in 1927, has become the world's most famous and dazzling movie red carpet premiere and event venue. Hollywood celebrities from all walks of life will come to watch the movie. It has also attracted much attention because of the front yard of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hollywood superstars such as Marilyn Monroe and Brad Peter have left their handprints and footprints here. The China Grand Theater has become an internationally renowned tourist landmark. In addition, the six adjacent theaters, called Chinese 6, are open every day and receive millions of audiences throughout the year. In 1968, the theater became a historical and cultural building, and routine maintenance is carried out regularly to maintain its lasting charm. Under the leadership of the new operating team, through a series of measures such as renovation, naming and new facilities, the Chinese Grand Theater and the front yard of the Avenue of Stars will continue to be tourist attractions and the first choice for red carpet premieres.
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