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In 2013, TI will subdivide Rio Tinto, especially the education market

by:XY Screens     2021-10-12
Recently, TI’s Asia Pacific PR manager, Anglea, told the projection media in Beijing that in 2013, Texas Instruments will reduce some of its appearances at professional exhibitions and will instead do a series of targeted marketing in the Chinese market. Especially in the education industry market, TI will focus on Rio Tinto's subdivision areas. Anglea said that the Chinese market is dominated by education procurement. How to better product innovation around the education market will be the focus of TI's research and development. Over the years, TI has used a variety of innovative technologies to enhance students’ initiative and enthusiasm for learning. Texas Instruments has continuously strengthened its technical investment in the field of education, advocated innovative educational concepts with practical actions, and actively promoted the development of China’s education industry. In the future, TI will devote itself to the innovation of education, hoping to help schools improve students’ learning initiative by providing a variety of innovative technologies, including DLP's 3D-Ready projection, interactive projection, ultra-short throw, and bulbless projection technology. Sex, positivity. According to reports, Texas Instruments will organize a number of DLP higher education projection promotion conferences with a number of cooperative brands this year, which will further affect the recognition of DLP projectors by colleges and universities. According to statistics, my country has more than 1,000 universities, and their total number and size of students rank first in the world. It is a veritable educational power. However, due to the impact of the level of economic development, the popularity of higher education in my country is not as good as that of developed countries, and there is a certain gap between the infrastructure construction and informatization of higher education and developed countries. After entering the 21st century, in response to this situation, the country has significantly increased its investment in higher education, and has taken the sharing of distance teaching resources, modernization of teaching methods, and informatization as the main direction of construction, including a number of key points such as the '211' project. The construction of the project has promoted the 'projection fever' in colleges and universities. Since 2006, the share of DLP display chips in the global projector market has reached 50%. In the past two years, DLP optical systems have been favored by major projector Ru0026D and manufacturing companies in the world. TI has become the world’s largest miniature display chip. manufacturer. The higher education projection market has always been stricter on product quality, functions, and color performance. In recent years, TI and its partners have launched new technologies such as 3D, ultra-short focus, and interaction for the higher education market to meet the diversified needs of higher education users. It can be said that in the replacement of higher education projector products, the DLP camp has rich brands and higher prices. The low characteristics will also help DLP products use the replacement gap to launch an impact on the existing positions of 3LCD technology.
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