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In 2019, the two areas of small-pitch LED displays are worth seeing

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
The current small-pitch LED display not only has technological evolution and product changes-it has begun to get rid of the old trick of 'refreshing the pitch' and focus more on the innovation of the product itself; there are also many new changes in the market, pricing, etc.-with With the return of product quality, as the price of small pitches has steadily fallen, the growth of the small pitch market is expected to continue in 2019. Especially with the rapid improvement of product performance, in some application areas, the replacement of traditional equipment by the innovative advantages of small-pitch LED screens is expected to accelerate. But at the same time, 2019 will also be a 'pressure year' for small-pitch LEDs. First of all, the current innovation of small-pitch LED technology and products has entered a bottleneck period. , The superposition of infrared sensing and other technologies, and the innovation of some application scenarios, etc.). Secondly, many new display technologies are constantly surging. Not only are there pressures from technological product innovations in other industries, such as OLED and LCD, but also the application of Mini LED in the LED display industry has landed, and there may be technological breakthroughs in Micro LED, which will also increase the small-pitch industry. A lot of pressure.   In summary, the small pitch in 2019 can be described as 'pressure and challenge coexist'. In this case, seeking new growth points is very important for enterprises. At the beginning of the new year, small spacing has shown excellent growth in the security and commercial display fields.  Security    Under the historical opportunity of the rapid development of safe city, smart transportation, and public security information construction, the upgrade and transformation of all command centers has rapidly begun. As far as the public security field of the security industry is concerned, the current public security command centers in major domestic cities are still dominated by DLP and LCD splicing screens. At the same time, the security field can also be subdivided into many branches such as public security, fire protection, traffic police, letters and visits, economic investigation, criminal investigation, and special police. According to relevant research, the market size of LED small pitch in the security industry alone will exceed 10 billion yuan. The overall market space of small spacing in many sub-fields such as civil air defense, transportation, energy, military and so on will exceed 30 billion yuan. Commercial display In recent years, commercial display is also a field with great market potential for small-pitch LED displays. According to data from third-party research reports, the overall scale of China's commercial display market in 2017 was nearly 47 billion yuan, and in the current commercial display market Among them, the penetration rate of LED small-pitch products is less than 10%, but the growth rate is as high as 78%. The deficit between the growth rate and the penetration rate once again shows the growth potential of the commercial display market, and it also means that the LED screen companies' efforts in the commercial display market need to be strengthened. As the performance of LED small-pitch display products continues to upgrade and the market price continues to decline, the replacement of electronic whiteboards, laser projections, advertising machines, and LCD splicing in conference display, education, transportation and other fields will be further accelerated. With the emergence of other innovative commercial display areas, such as movies, game competitions, etc., the LED small-pitch commercial display market will be very impressive. Of course, the real potential market in 2019 is far more than the security and commercial display fields. With new international competitions and better foreign trade opportunities, small-pitch LEDs in 2019 are bound to be more exciting. At the same time, for domestic small-pitch LED screen companies It also means new challenges. In a larger and more intense competition, whether it is simultaneous technological innovation, product innovation, application innovation, or even service innovation, how to make small pitches still be able to play different and new things? This is the key to the success of the small-pitch LED industry in 2019.
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