In recent days, there have been continuous heavy rains everywhere, how should our LED display be pro

In recent days, there have been continuous heavy rains everywhere, how should our LED display be protected against moisture?

by:XY Screens     2021-10-14
There have been continuous heavy rains in many places in Beijing recently, and many places in Beijing have affected people's travel. Places with LED displays will definitely worry about LED display failures caused by long-term rain. So how should our LED display be protected against moisture in wet rainy and foggy weather? As long as these few steps, the LED display can easily cope with the humid environment. 1. The first step to buy a good LED display is to ensure that the display is moisture-proof. How does Ze Optoelectronics do a good job of preventing moisture. First of all, the various incoming materials of the led display are vacuum packed, moisture-proof cards and desiccants are placed to ensure the stable quality of the raw materials, and the humidity of the storage environment is controlled at an appropriate 30%-60%RH. Secondly, in the production process, every spring, the lamps, chips, and PCB boards will be baked before feeding to ensure dryness. The surface of the PCB board sprayed with three anti-paint has a reflective protective layer. Finally, put the finished indoor led display unit board into a PE bag and store with desiccant. For outdoor led display, we use high-quality moisture-proof lamps and spray three-proof paint on the back. After the entire moisture-proof treatment, the LED display of Huaze Optoelectronics has excellent moisture-proof performance. 2. Scientific storage and moisture-proof storage need to pay attention to two points: 1. Inventory storage should be placed in a dry and ventilated place (it is recommended to place on the second floor or above) with pallets or other objects to raise it, and the LED display products should not be directly in contact with the ground . 2. After unpacking the packaging box of the led display, place the desiccant in the whole box, and seal it with tape, and not directly expose it to the air. 3. When the LED display is on and is moisture-proof in spring, the end user needs to ensure that the LED display is turned on and lighted at least 2-3 times a week, at least half an hour each time. When switching the LED display, please note: turn on first, Turn on the screen afterwards, turn off the screen first, and then turn off. Lighting up the LED display on a wet day will help prevent moisture. Choose a good LED display, and use and operate the moisture-proof method correctly, and your led display will be able to display perfectly without fear of wet weather.
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