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In the autumn season, the fruit is scented

by:XY Screens     2021-08-16
The golden autumn season, the fragrance of fruit, finishing: Jin Xumin Time: 2014.11.06 The golden autumn season, the company headquarters, domestic and international customers visited one after another, making this ordinary autumn colorful. On November 6, 2014, the headquarters was extremely busy. Several batches of domestic customers visited the company. After Mr. Zhang personally received and explained in detail, customers expressed their desire for cooperation. Its dome theater system, giant screen theater system, 3D theater system, home theater system, rear projection screen series, etc., will surely write a new chapter in the audio-visual industry. Good news came from the production department, and the overseas market took another big order, and the domestic market was not to be outdone, and wanted to compete. The Guangzhou Office, Shenzhen Office, Beijing Office, Shanghai Office, Chengdu Office, Nanjing Office, Wuhan Office, Shenyang Office, Xi'an Office and other offices have orders for engineering projects and cinema products, one after another. This is a collision between Mars and the Earth, let us wait and see. This is a fruitful autumn, and people use their hard work and sweat to create new brilliance in 2014. Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd.
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