In the future, patents will be an important means to reshuffle the LED display industry _Shenzhen LE

In the future, patents will be an important means to reshuffle the LED display industry! _Shenzhen LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
The popularity of LED display screens is getting wider and wider, and most offline advertising carriers rely on LED display screens. Full-color LED screens are very good whether they are used for outdoor LED display advertisements, or for stage display and broadcast effects. However, the influx of many companies has gradually saturated the LED display market, and it is difficult to have explosive growth in the future. Driven by China’s industry in 2025, companies have begun to transform and upgrade their needs, and the LED industry is no exception. Companies that rely solely on price advantages to attract consumers have lost their competitive advantages. In the future, LED display companies must rely on their own technology to gain market share. Patent protection is the best way to maintain technological competitiveness and reduce the risk of technological spillovers. As the industry gradually matures, regulates, and protects one's intellectual property rights and intangible assets by applying for patents is also an inevitable development trend of the LED large screen industry. In the future, the patented technology in the field of LED displays will be the driving force behind the reshuffle of the industry. The core competitiveness of the current LED display manufacturing industry comes from technology research and development. With continuous investment in research and development, leading companies in the industry have formed their own patent barriers and achieved patent layout. Industry experts said that in the future, patent lawsuits centered on intellectual property rights will show a new momentum in the industry. In recent years, domestic IP infringement cases have continued to increase, with a year-on-year increase of 41.34% in 2016 compared to 2015. In the industry, Intemei continued to seek review of the invalidity of Mitsubishi's nitride red powder patent, Everlight sued Preh Optoelectronics for patent infringement, Seoul Semiconductor also actively launched an LED patent defense war, and Shenzhen LED display manufacturers were sued for patent infringement in the United States. It can also be seen from these incidents that the importance of patented technology to the development of enterprises also reflects the strengthening of enterprises' awareness of patent protection. Last year, leading companies such as Leyard, Lehman, and Alto successively won multiple related patents. For a while, the patent strength competition has become a bargaining chip in the game and competition among large-screen companies, and this has also accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Product iteration. In the future, this 'patent competition' trend will become more and more heated. At present, the hottest LED display technology is Micro LED. Micro LED is a new generation of display technology, which has higher brightness and better luminous efficiency than existing OLED technology, but lower power consumption. In May 2017, Apple has begun the development of a new generation of display technology. In February 2018, Samsung launched Micro LED TVs at CES 2018. Many of the world's top electronics giants are also turning to Micro LED, but the catch is that the cost of Micro LED is still too high at this stage, and it will take time to quickly and completely replace OLED and even LCD. But it is foreseeable that once Micro LED breaks through the cost problem, it will soon replace the current mainstream LED display. With the increasingly fierce competition in the LED display industry, the original market competition methods among enterprises are gradually 'stretched.' Competition and contest between. It can be seen from this that patent competition is likely to become a 'conventional' means of competition among screen companies in the future, just like low-price wars, promotional wars, and brand wars, becoming a means of competition among screen companies! Patent, failure, patent, profound cases are showing us the importance of intellectual property protection and layout. In the future, patents will be an important means to reshuffle the LED display industry.
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