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install halo led projector fog light

by:XY Screens     2019-11-07
When you combine the elegant look of the light ring with the super bright output of the projector fog light, you get a very neat set of outputs with a smooth look.
Like most refitting products, these halo LED projector fog lights have different options that can be modified according to almost any vehicle.
If you have the trick of taking things apart and putting them together, then these projector fog lights are a great choice.
You can also pick up a relay harness set so you can use the switch to control the fog lights independently.
This means that you will light the LED halo under the lights running during the day, and the fog light will be lit under your control!
Before we start. . .
Since these projector fog lamps are a general-purpose installation product, the method of installing this product is not just one.
In order to accommodate this product, additional supports or other support may be required for your vehicle.
If the baffle opening is about the size of the fog light, you can try to glue the projector fog light to the fog light.
Otherwise, you can use the stand that comes with the product, or use other support with the stand that can be found in any hardware store.
This is an example of the appearance of the projector fog light after it is fixed on the fog light border.
You can use the pry tool to open the existing fog light opening.
You can also remove plastic parts if they are around.
Please remember to see how you installed the projector fog light before installing the fog light border.
Once the lid is open, you will see an empty space that you can use to route the wires from the engine compartment to the fog light.
We will install these projector fog lights with relay harness from the introduction so you can add a switch to control the on/off function of the fog light.
Once you lower the wire to the opening, you can connect it to the fog light so you can use the switch.
Once everything is connected, you may need to extend the wire.
You need to click the light ring to the ground and ACC in the light section running during the day.
You will also need to install the relay wiring kit on the projector fog light so you can turn them on/off with a switch.
Wire Harness: red wire to battery black wire to battery-
Switch the remaining wires to a white one of the fog lights.
For the switch: The red wire to the ACCblack wire to the groundWhite wire should have been attached to the relay. The shorter wires go to the side where the battery is located, and the longer thicker lines are routed to the other side of the vehicle.
After connecting the wire, if you see that the wiring indicator light on the switch is red, it means that the wiring is successful.
Press the button and the light will light up green and the fog light will also light up.
Pull the wire through the firewall and install the switch to an empty slot.
Test if everything is OK and enjoy the new halo LED projector fog light!
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