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Install the projector easily!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-18
For a long time, installing a projector has not been a simple and easy task, especially for fixed ceiling installations. To punch holes, to install a hanger, to wire, to adjust the projector...Any slight error may make the projection screen not perfect, and make the user a lot of trouble. For this reason, an efficient and convenient all-round projector installation solution is specially prepared. Whether in a school classroom, a large auditorium with a large number of people, or a company meeting room, from now on, users will face any installation problems easily and calmly! For example, in multimedia classrooms, ultra-short throw projectors that can project super-large images within a very short distance without obstructing the line of sight and protecting the eye health of teachers and students are increasingly becoming the school's first choice. Anyone who has installation experience knows that ultra-short-throw projectors are very difficult to install. Taking ultra-short-throw projectors as an example, it not only brings amazing picture quality and advanced interactive projection functions to the classroom, but also Comes with a super convenient 'lazy bag'. During installation, you only need to open the “positioning table” to find a relatively accurate position for the projector, and then use its built-in “test pattern” to start a more precise adjustment. At the same time, with the three-axis hanger, users can easily complete functions such as vertical correction, horizontal correction and axis rotation. If you want to get a perfect projection screen and complete all installation and debugging tasks efficiently, just turn around, it's not difficult at all! Leaving the classroom, if you want to install a professional high-brightness engineering projector in a large auditorium, then there is also very good hardware support, and there are corresponding installation solutions that allow you to enjoy additional application flexibility. Using the projection distance calculation program, users can easily set the parameters on the tablet, and quickly simulate and calculate the best installation position, which can save much trouble than running up and down again and again! Take the engineering projector as an example. It is a dual-lamp high-brightness professional model designed for large venues. It not only provides very high lumens, ultra-high brightness and ultra-high-definition image quality, but also has high reliability and High stability. So as to meet the needs of various projection applications. In other respects, the engineering projector is equipped with a complete mainstream interface, with unprecedented rich connectivity, allowing users to connect to digital, analog signals and even network control signals at the same time. For example, a 100-meter-long network cable can achieve high-quality signal transmission. , It is both efficient and economical, and the cost-effectiveness is considerable. From now on, projector installation is no longer a problem.
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