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Intelligent traffic display favors big screens, stimulating corporate transformation

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
The rapid development of the national economy has led to a rapid increase in the level of domestic motorization. While it is convenient for people to travel, it also brings a series of problems such as traffic congestion, frequent traffic accidents, and air pollution. For the traffic management department, how to use Existing transportation facilities, reducing traffic load and environmental pollution, ensuring traffic safety, and improving transportation efficiency have become top priorities. This is also the major premise for the rapid rise of intelligent transportation. Intelligent transportation display favors large screens to stimulate the transformation of large-screen enterprises to accelerate the so-called intelligent transportation, which is the effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology in the entire ground transportation management system The establishment of a real-time, accurate, and efficient comprehensive transportation management system that works in a wide range and all-round way. Faced with such a huge and complex system, if you want to achieve real-time information release, monitoring, analysis and intelligent management to ensure that the decisions and commands of the entire system can be conveyed and executed reliably and quickly, a highly integrated visual terminal must Indispensable, large-screen splicing products with unified display and centralized management are undoubtedly the best choice. In actual operation, the intelligent transportation system has two major characteristics, that is, focusing on the wide application and service of traffic information and improving the operating efficiency of existing transportation facilities. The response to the display terminal is to ensure the linkage between the information display system and the monitoring system. High efficiency and completeness, and the large-screen splicing system can not only achieve super-large display, meet the needs of centralized display of a large amount of information, but also achieve multi-window display to ensure that each monitoring signal is included in it, which is convenient for users to view at any time. In order to ensure the maximum value of the intelligent transportation system, large-screen display terminals have become a rigid demand. Relevant agencies predict that, benefiting from the Ministry of Public Security’s 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Road Traffic Safety' and the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Road Traffic Science and Technology Development' and other policy support, the domestic investment in intelligent transportation will be a huge 182 billion yuan in the next 10 years. . The projection era analysis believes that thanks to this, the application of large-screen splicing in the transportation industry will also enter an explosive period. Driven by the broad market prospects, the transportation industry has become a must for commercial large-screen manufacturers. Many manufacturers have launched solutions specifically for the transportation industry, and have accumulated a large number of successful cases, even the rapidly rising small Pitch LED companies also regard the transportation industry application as a key training object.  It is foreseeable that with the continuous expansion of the application market, the competition of large-screen display companies in the transportation industry will become increasingly fierce. The transportation industry is an industry with strong professional demand. Therefore, it is not only the leading technology that can impress users in the industry, especially in the environment where the core technology of LCD splicing and DLP splicing has become perfect, pure hardware PK display is not wise enough, the comprehensive service capability is the key, which maintains a high degree of unity with the transformation trend of comprehensive service providers in the entire large-screen display industry. Since 2013, the operating costs and operating costs of the large-screen industry have risen significantly, but due to the maturity of technology, the price of hardware products has continued to fall (this is particularly prominent in the LCD splicing industry). If large-screen companies want to continue to be healthy For development, the only option is to increase the premium ratio of the solution. Projection believes that the transportation industry, as an application project with a high degree of integration and a long operating cycle, with high standards for solutions, will be the best trial ground for large-screen companies, thus promoting the service-oriented industry of the entire industry. The acceleration of transformation.
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