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Intelligentization will be the next 'outlet' of the LED display industry

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
Judging from the current products and use of the industry, LED displays have not yet become truly intelligent. In the course of LED development, from the beginning of outdoor advertising screens to the rental market, and then to the security monitoring market, in fact, These three markets are not enough to be intelligent, but a kind of 'specializationIntelligence will be the next 'outlet' of the LED display industry. Today, almost all technicians are exploring intelligence. Based on the current stage of the LED display industry's high-definition display has begun to take shape, this year the two sessions of the national strategic level 'smart manufacturingIt has become an inevitable topic of concern to the industry. What is intelligent LED display? In response to this problem, Director Shi pointed out that the intelligentization of LED displays should include three aspects, hardware, software, and scenes. 'How to make them cooperate with each other and how to break through the tradition? This is the road of intelligent exploration.' 'From the product point of view, the intelligent LED display is to enhance the intimacy between users. To give a simple example, someone asked me what I did. I said it was a large LED screen. Many people don’t know that What, when most people don’t understand LED displays, they are unfamiliar with LED displays. If they can’t better enhance the customer experience, then they can’t talk about intelligence. One of the intelligentization of LED displays is Let more users accept it, and enhance the intimacy between users.' He said. “In this regard, this year’s Infocomm China 2017 exhibition has a good example. NEC exhibited a bar display to fully show the scene of the bar. It is just a display screen, but a carrier for human screen interaction.' Secondly, from the software point of view, the role of LED intelligent software is to narrow the distance between the end user and the hardware. Director Shi explained, “For example, if you want to use a mobile phone to control the display, you should consider how to control the display in a wireless situation. The first thing that comes to mind is WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth, followed by software and APP. Intelligent hardware The way to interact with people is just like when people use mobile phones. No matter what cup or processor the mobile phone is, the functions of the mobile phone are realized through software. It is also the software that is in close contact with the user, and the display screen is the same, such as Say that there is a display screen installed outdoors. For many audiences, the most intuitive thing is to give people a visual experience. You may not see the hardware. If users want to interact, either through software or through a control system. It is software and APP, and APP can bring your end users and your hardware closer.' Furthermore, from the hardware point of view, the realization of hardware intelligence needs to solve the problem of hardware homogeneity. Director Shi pointed out, 'No matter what the industry, the homogeneity of hardware is a changing trend. For example, the mobile phone is square, and the technicians cannot turn into a round or triangular shape. Or you have a 5.0-inch screen. Your screen is glass, and other manufacturers also have 5.0-inch glass screens. There is not only a trend of homogenization of hardware, but also an increasing trend of homogeneity. Companies need to think about how to differentiate from their products.' In the context of hardware homogenization, how to innovate? Director Shi said that in response to this background, companies have proposed to make intelligent, intelligent hardware must have a microprocessor. For example, CPU, interfaces that can interact with intelligence, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and other interfaces that can interact, must have a sensor that collects this parameter of the environment to identify the surrounding environment of the LED display. Based on these three aspects, Director Shi also revealed that Absen released an intelligent N4 product in 2015. Each module has a smart chip that can record the information of the entire product. At the same time, users can use software and Display communication. In 2016, we started to deploy intelligent hardware. On the one hand, we developed a smart box, similar to a TV box, with software and functions integrated to separate the box with a sense of user experience, but it is currently in the APP development stage. So, what changes and effects will the intelligent development of LED display bring to the entire LED display industry and market? Director Shi replied, “The intelligentization of LED displays allows more users to have a very good scene experience. When people interact with the display, they create a scene that puts people’s emotions and feelings into the display. From the perspective of the overall layout of intelligence, how much the impact of intelligence on the display screen is. In my understanding, more users will be able to use it and become familiar with it. Compared with the more specialized products, LED intelligence The display can no longer be an independent hardware or an independent scene, but the user can interact with the LED display, shortening the distance with the LED display. Technicians can also extract a lot of data back, Data can be analyzed.” The intelligence presents the situation of 'a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contends'. Director Shi said that now a variety of technologies are progressing together, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. At present, it is more to complement each other rather than substitute. There is also no intensive type. But for intelligence, LCD has a relatively strong advantage, and there are many applications developed for it, which is a division of labor and cooperation industry. In addition, 'intelligence' also has many markets, and there is no big competition problem. Intelligence will present a situation of 'a hundred flowers blooming' and 'a hundred schools of thought contend'. The wave of intelligence will undoubtedly allow companies in the LED display industry to follow the pace of technology and devote themselves to the intelligentization of LED displays, which will be the next 'outlet' of the LED display industry.
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