Intensified changes in the projection market, innovative technology will dominate the market-XY Scre

Intensified changes in the projection market, innovative technology will dominate the market

by:XY Screens     2021-09-06
In order to win the recognition of consumers, in recent years, the differentiation strategy has become an unanimous statement among manufacturers in order to cope with the increasingly competitive projection market. As the price war becomes more intense, it seems that most people do not clearly see the differentiation strategy that the manufacturers are talking about. In fact, this is not the case. From this year's perspective, Japanese and Taiwanese projection brands have been fighting each other. Japanese brands seem to avoid price wars and dominate the market with leading technology; while Taiwanese brands are not only highlighting the high cost-effectiveness of their products, but also chose to force the new blue ocean without light bulbs. This also includes some American brands. The two camps have already seen the first sight. Clues. The 'Taiwan brand' focuses on the blue ocean of lampless projection. Looking at the development of the projector industry for more than 20 years, it has maintained a growth rate of 6% every year, which indirectly proves the sustainable and healthy development of the projector industry, and it will continue in the future. The trend of steady development. This has also allowed more manufacturers to see the potential of the projection industry and have chosen to join. After years of development, the projector market has gradually entered an era of multi-brand melee, and market competition has become increasingly fierce. The fierce competition in the projection market has also led to the decline in product prices year by year, and profits are getting thinner and thinner, in order to find a better blue ocean. In recent years, manufacturers have not only made full efforts in the high-end engineering projection market, but lampless projection has also become another new blue ocean. The most representative of these is the Taiwanese brand.  The advent of LED and laser solid-state light source products completely solves the problem of user ownership cost of projectors. At the same time, the new light source products make the projection operation easier, just turn off and leave, no need to wait for the shutdown to dissipate heat. In 2011, the projector market under the brand of Acer, ViewSonic, Vivitek, Optoma and other brands of LED projectors, the projection industry collectively entered a new era,    according to the prediction of relevant institutions, the global projector market is expected to rise to 800 in 2012 Ten thousand units, despite the slowdown in the growth of mainstream models, the growth of micro-projection applications and the improvement of the efficiency of new light sources, bulbless projection is regarded as the next wave of market development, and the trend of replacing traditional bulbs with solid-state light sources such as LEDs and lasers Invisible, the projector manufacturer Zhongguang Optoelectronics stated that the proportion of LED projector applications will reach 15% in 2012, and mass production of laser light source projectors is expected to reach 5% in 2012.   In this year, many projector brands have begun to exert their strength. Some manufacturers have launched new lampless projectors with a maximum brightness of 2000 lumens, which further enhances the practicality of lampless. Through the introduction of solid-state light sources, up to 20,000 to 30,000 hours of use can be achieved, which will save users the cost and labor time of replacing the bulb. Recently, according to industry insiders, Acer will release its full range of new LED products in Beijing at the beginning of July this year. I believe it will bring more surprises to industry users by then. And this year, LED and laser solid-state light source machines are still the focus of the 'Taiwan brandOn the light source, simple and clear light path design, digital power supply and control circuit design, etc., the future laser and LED hybrid light source will be an important development direction of the projection light source industry.  Japanese brands focus on leading technology    Although the projector market has been developing for so many years, the market structure is still dominated by Japanese brands. Represented by veteran projectors such as Epson, Hitachi, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, etc., they have a solid foundation in the traditional mainstream business and education market. In addition, this year, Ricoh, Casio and Canon's new brands have joined, and it has still become a market dominated by Japanese brands. However, in recent years, with the continuous formation of the segmentation of the projection market and the increase in customer demand, this has given many DLP camps opportunities to rise up brands, such as BenQ, Acer, Vivitek, ViewSonic, Optoma and other brands with the help of In recent years, the market has emerged with differentiated characteristics, constantly launching new products that adapt to the market, and looking for channel resources that suit oneself. At present, it has gradually become a main brand that can compete with traditional Japanese brands.   In addition to the crazy expansion of Taiwanese brands in recent years, in 2012, new Japanese brands continued to emerge, and due to the global economic situation, strong projection markets such as Europe and the United States were completely blocked, making veteran Japanese brands shudder. In order to be able to maintain the original position in the market, traditional Japanese brands have begun to continuously increase their research and development efforts to strive for a stable market position with leading technological advantages.     As the projection market share has been swallowed up by DLP in recent years, as a Japanese brand in a short period of time, with stable technology and mature products, it still occupies a pivotal position in the industry market. But if the basis remains in its original state, it will be difficult to gain a foothold in the future. In order to seek a differentiated strategy, Japanese brands have chosen to use technological innovation to make their products more competitive in the market and achieve a solid position in the projection market.
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