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Interactive projection brings new selling points

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
With the development of science and technology, competition in all walks of life has become more and more fierce, and various innovations are emerging in an endless stream. It can be said that businesses have racked their brains in order to occupy more shares in the sales market. . But apart from the endless variety of activities, merchants really can't find any way to fundamentally increase the favor of customers.   But now, businesses don’t have to worry about what to do. There is a technology called interactive projection that has brought wealth to the majority of businesses. Interactive projection is a system that combines the highest technology of advertising and entertainment interaction. It can display all kinds of pictures and patterns that people want in a unique way of interactive projection system, which is very different from traditional static advertising. The virtual garden of the interactive projection series launched by Cast Stone is also called the magic garden. It is a comprehensive application of multimedia interactive imaging technology. When the audience or customers walk into the customized area, the first thing that greets them is the overflow in the 'virtual garden'. Wonderful light that is unpredictable. The 'Virtual Garden' is designed as a minimalist abstract art garden in which the interactive projection will follow the footsteps of the audience and interpret the colorful and blooming garden scene. Under your feet is a carpet pattern that shows genius imagination, flowers and grasses flutter with your steps, and there are beautiful water waves on the walls, imitating the ring waves produced by the drops of water on the surface of the water. Spread out. Covered with beach sand and rocks, walking in between, or waiting on simple stone benches, a sense of ease pervades the surroundings. The sound of the water is light and clear, and the clever design makes the audience feel the warm feeling of being embraced by the clear stream. Application range: Especially suitable for various leisure clubs and gardening exhibitions, and suitable for installation in science and technology museums, planning halls, museums, industry exhibition halls, theme parks, corporate exhibition halls, exhibition sites, shopping malls, hotels, promotional activities, performance venues And so on have a broad space for its play. The    interactive projection system makes the advertisement no longer so dull, but can move and jump, with a very strong sense of three-dimensionality and visual substitution. Under this novel technology, it is guaranteed to attract people to watch and even participate in the interaction, so that it can bring certain potential consumers to the business. The most prominent is the sci-fi-like visual effects and beautiful dynamic feeling brought by interactive projection. If it is used in leisure and entertainment venues such as ktv and bars, under the rendering of music, the visual and auditory senses can be doubled. The impact will definitely fascinate customers, and from then on, they will only go to the store with an interactive projection system. In our economic age, innovation is wealth, and new selling points will always bring huge business opportunities and profits. I believe those bosses who want to upgrade their businesses or stores to a higher level and want to reverse their profits, you must You will not miss the interactive projection!
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