International 3D Association promotes the establishment of the worlds largest 3D consortium-XY Scree

International 3D Association promotes the establishment of the world's largest 3D consortium

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
According to foreign media reports, the alliance and the International 3D Association are advancing the establishment of the world's largest 3D consortium. Members of this 3D consortium will involve more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, China, and South Korea. The coalition was approved by the two sponsoring groups, effective immediately. As the co-chairman of I3DS and 3D@Home and 3netCEO, Tom Cosgrove told the media: The establishment of the new organization will be dedicated to the expansion and growth of the 3D industry ecosystem. The new team leader's service scope not only involves 3D content and concepts. The development also includes education and guidance for consumers. The New Joint Organization Award serves all platforms involved in the expansion of 3D technology and integrates into all the places where 3D consumers and 3D models are applied. The new organization supports all members within its scope to promote the enrichment and development of the emerging technology of 3D. This new 3D consortium includes more than 60 well-known companies and 500 professionals in the world. Its members include Disney, DreamWorks, Sony Animation, Pixar, ESPN, Panasonic, Dolby Laboratories, RealD, Imax, Microsoft, Technicolor, Samsung, Sony Electronics, Turner Broadcasting Company, Vizio and other well-known manufacturers. Dan Schinasi, co-chairman of Samsung Electronics’ advanced TV planning, I3DS and 3D@Home said: “With the price of 3D TVs falling below the $1,000 mark, 3D audio-visual entertainment systems are just around the corner. Consumers now have a variety of 3D content. They accept 3D Blu-ray videos, they like to watch movies through video streaming channels, and they also hope to be able to watch sports events through broadcasts and even produce their own 3D content.”   I3DS President Jim Chabin was elected as the chairman of this new group, he said : 'At present, there is no other field in the world like the 3D field today. It requires so many artists and technicians to collaborate and share their achievements together. Only by supporting each other can we move forward. Our new group includes From technicians to marketing personnel, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley, from Beijing to Tokyo, from Seoul to London to Brussels, to a broad alliance of more than 20 countries in the world, this will be the 3D industry leadership and industry voices that will come together to promote 3D. Revolutionary feat.'
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