【International initiative: Anshan Liliang soft metal screen detailed explanation】Technical introduct

【International initiative: Anshan Liliang soft metal screen detailed explanation】Technical introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
International initiative-invention patent 'soft metal screen'    (patent number: ZL03133600.0)    invention patent of Anshan Liliang Reflective Material Co., Ltd., Anshan City, Liaoning, China-'soft metal screen' not only fills the gap at home and abroad, but also an international projection The century-old revolution of the screen, a major technological breakthrough and a qualitative leap. It is the best product for upgrading traditional glass bead screens and PVC white plastic screens at home and abroad.
Soft metal screen patent certificate  The company is currently the only professional company in the world that produces the most 'soft metal screen' series, the most complete variety, and the technology to reach the international leading Ru0026D and manufacturing company.
Motorized screen 1. Main features of 'soft metal screen':    The most suitable screen for normal light projection, the screen with the highest gain, the screen with the largest viewing angle, the screen with the best color reproduction, the screen with anti-fatigue and non-tired vision, home The screen of choice for theaters, the screen that advances with the projector, and the green screen. 2. 'Soft metal screen' series products:    soft metal bright screen, soft metal large viewing angle screen, soft metal white screen, soft metal black screen, soft metal dark gray screen, soft metal light gray screen, soft metal folding screen, soft Metal inflatable screen. 3. 'Soft metal screen' varieties:    1. Manual self-locking screen 2. Electric screen 3. Remote control screen 4. Floor-standing business screen 5. Aluminum frame fixed screen 6. Soft rear projection screen 4. 'Soft metal screen 'Specifications:    from 60 inches to 180 inches (without splicing seams) 200 inches to 300 inches Note: Various standard, non-standard sizes and spliced u200bu200boversized screens can be provided. 5. 'Soft metal screen' application scope:    home theater, multimedia teaching, command center, video conference room,    display, business presentation, advertising, entertainment venues, etc. The 'hard metal optical screen'    (patent number: 200610134505.2)    'hard metal optical screen' series products are based on the invention patent of 'soft metal screen' by Anshan Liliang Reflective Material Co., Ltd. (Patent No.: ZL03133600.0). Another new product successfully developed to serve teaching.  The hard optical screen is processed by a special process, which eliminates the mirror effect and flare phenomenon caused by natural light and projector projection. At the same time, through high-tech means, the metal powder is evenly coated in the hard screen carrier and on the surface of the front and rear projection screens to realize the optical screen with the principle of double reflection. It can make the projection clear, high brightness, large viewing angle, and good color reproduction.    and fully embodies the characteristics of convenience, practicality, flexibility, speed, economy, and environmental protection.   The 'hard metal optical screen' was successfully developed, which is an innovative and good product among international teaching tools. This product has independent intellectual property rights, which not only fills the gap at home and abroad, but also has an internationally leading technical level. It is currently exclusively produced in the world.   'Hard metal optical screen' can be made into a variety of optical screens such as front projection, rear projection, arc, frame, and large viewing angle. In terms of color, it can be made into optical screens such as white, black, dark gray and light gray, and can produce hard and strong light optical screens.   The company sincerely invites domestic and foreign export traders, distributors and agents; it will wholeheartedly serve customers at home and abroad with first-class quality, reliable reputation and reasonable prices.
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