Intimate contact between projector and screen-NEC WT600+ projector Technical introduction NEC-XY Scr

[Intimate contact between projector and screen-NEC WT600+ projector] Technical introduction NEC

by:XY Screens     2021-11-07
The traditional 'projector-centered' meeting method is the only portable video product that can display a large screen of more than 100 inches and can easily adjust the screen size. The popularity of projectors has brought a revolution in presentation methods. The traditional file-based communication method in the conference is rapidly being replaced by the new model of 'notebook + projector'. However, in the field use, the projector still has high requirements on the indoor area, and must have a certain projection distance and other spatial restrictions. In addition, in order to project a larger screen, traditional projectors often place the projector far enough away from the screen (or wall). Especially in small company meetings, people can only sit around the projector and endure it. Focus on the dazzling light and the noise of the fans for conference presentations and exchanges. If the speaker in front of the screen inadvertently blocks the light from time to time, the people watching the audience will be greatly affected.
The close contact between the projector and the screen
All of this has finally changed today. Japan’s NEC, which has been committed to display product design and development for a long time, has developed an ultra-short throw portable projector WT600+ with their rich experience in the optical field for many years. It uses the world's first aspheric mirror projection technology to project a 60-inch picture at a distance of just 26cm. The WT600+ adopts a 4-sided ultra-high-precision mirror structure and uses the principle of optical reflection to finally project on the screen after 4 times of beam reflection. The application of aspheric mirror projection technology greatly saves valuable indoor space. Even if the presenter is standing in front of the screen, there is no need to worry about obstructing the projected image; at the same time, the short projection distance reduces the attenuation of the transmitted light, and the image projected on the screen The brightness is higher; the most important thing is that everyone has changed from the traditional way of 'grouping around the projector' to invite the projector to the screen, away from the interference caused by this noise source, and the participants can listen attentively Conference talk. If you consider that the distance between the laptop on the table and the projector is too far, and the connection is not convenient, you only need to select a wireless LAN card to transmit data to the projector wirelessly. Whether in the classroom or in the company, the WT600+ without the sense of distance will bring many conveniences to our presentation.

The exquisite process design of NEC WT600+ projector
New application field-window demonstration NEC WT600+ projector's ultra-short throw projection has also derived a new application field-window demonstration. The WT600+ is equipped with a PC card slot. The clerk only needs to save the prepared presentation file into the PCMCIA card, insert the projector into the projector, and then cast a well-made promotional video or function introduction in the small boutique window, and then cooperate with it. The physical display is believed to attract more customers' attention. The advent of NEC WT600+ has created a precedent for ultra-short throw projection. I believe that it will have more applications in front of us in the future.
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